Zen and the art of scrapyard archeology in the Globe and Mail

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Eccentric Genius Kaden Harris was profiled in a love note from the Globe and Mail on January 28th.

It’s here, right next to the refrigerator, that Mr. Harris fabricates what he calls “antiques from a parallel universe” – wood and metal objects that draw on equal parts Jules Verne, Leonardo da Vinci and Salvador Dali, in a style called “steampunk.” They take on many forms, from torsion-powered crossbows called ballistas to high-powered catapults called trebuchets and mangonels. He’s built a bong from a glass lamp globe and scrapyard brass that looks as if it could’ve been stolen from Dr. Jekyll’s laboratory. (“I have turned down ridiculous amounts of money for this,” he notes.)

Now, Mr. Harris is bringing his gifts for producing offbeat but functional works of art to the office worker. With the recent release of his do-it-yourself book Eccentric Cubicle: Products and Ideas to Enhance Your Cubicle World, the average office drone can learn to build a desktop guillotine, a USB bubble machine or even a lucid-dreaming induction device.

“It’s supposed to inspire them,” says Mr. Harris, an energetic 50-year-old who looks like a well-groomed pirate: two golden earrings in each ear, jet black goatee, hefty biceps protruding from a black vest worn against the skin. “There’s joy in a simple mechanism doing a really unexpected thing.”

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