The Best Lace Nail Art With Pearls ever! Hand Painted

Posted by on Feb 4, 2013 in Videos | 13 comments

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all new, 100% original off the KORG EMX1 heres a pic i found off the net, Cylon rendered a la steampunk (artist unknown)
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  1. Thanks Robin! They turned out very well, the only difference I did was use rhinestones instead of the pearls but I was still pleased with the results. Thanks for your wonderful videos I have learned tons from you! <3

  2. good luck!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  3. Trying this design right now….*fingers crossed* :)

  4. Robin!!!, I tried to reply on you reply, but something is wrong!! Here goes:
    Wowwww, you reply on my comment :) )))))))), and you make me happy ;) !!! You really worth every thumb up :)

  5. thank you so so much marirosa, i LOVED all of your comments! *hugest hug ever* xoxoxox

  6. Ohhh, you forgot a dot :-/ Robin, I want to be like you :) !! I like it and a manyyyyy others to. I love so much your designs that I have been like two weeks in arrow only watching your videos :) ))))

  7. A nail polish named “peel here”… :P haha~

  8. How do i keep my nail art brushes from hardening after i use them?? its driving me crazy and now my nail art doe not look too good.

  9. I just lightly lick the end to pick them up haha, I know its not sanitary especially if ur doing someone else’s nails!

  10. Beautiful! I like how it isn’t white, cuz not all of us can have a white wedding… Like I had kids before I ever got married kind of wedding haha. Love it, just love it!

  11. I dip my dotting tool into some clear polish and pick them up with that. =)

  12. I use tweezers. :)

  13. I find paint dries much faster, and if you’re doing a detailed design it’s much easier and applies nicer. Polish is clumpy and takes forever to dry and doesn’t quite work the way you want it to. If you put on a good topcoat/clearcoat, anything will last longer. I personally paint the nail with polish as the base and do the design with paint if it’s one of those more detailed designs. For simple designs like this though, polish will work just fine. I hope this helps. :)