Electric Kalimba by Vancouver BC artist and musician Kaden Harris, Eccentric Genius. Walnut, brass, copper. Piezo mic with female RCA out.

Zen Electric Kalimba

It’s a handmade 6 note electric kalimba, oiled walnut  with cymbal bronze tines, a copper sustain plate and a single piezo contact mic with an RCA female out.

I cut the tines from an 18″ A Zildjian medium crash: To my ears they have a richer timbral palette than yer traditional spring steel jobbies… S’all lovely and bellish, wif no clank, plink or brizzzznng. innit?

It all started when I chopped this 4 3/4″ disc outa 7/8″  black walnut to test out the large diameter hole saws graciously donated by the startlingly pneumatic Mrs. Popsy Tidswell-Sooke. “Jolly fucking good” I thought to myself,. “but now ya gotta figure out something to make outa it”.


I’ve been on a bong bodging bender over the past couple of months, for no discernible reason other than I kept finding bits that clearly wanted to be bodged into bongs. Improvisational fabrication is like that sometimes, and I still bear scars from arguing with components about their ultimate destiny. Trust me: never argue with components.

Anyway, with no immediately apparent bong-like objective at hand,  I initiated my go-to Plan B algorithm to a  favourable end:

If X= (not Bong)

Classics… always in fashion, amiright?

Having started down the path, it pretty much assembled itself outa conveniently to hand bench flotsam.  It’s a reasonably sleek and minimalist sign despite the downright Cthulian pareidolia when viewed from the proper angle, and it’ll fit in your pocket if you wear stretch jeans.

Approximately 4.5″ x 4.875″ x 2.75″.  Want to save on shipping? Pick it up here in East Vancouver. (Contact me for a PayPal invoice without shipping. Don’t use the Buy Now button for local pickup.)

Don’t like this design? Want something less round or less walnutty or with more tines? I’ll make ya one to your specs. Contact me.

Price: $100.00
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