The St. Pierre Brass Art Pipe – Steampunk Smoking Accessories

Brass pipe constructed from industrial artifacts in a Steampunk style by Vancouver BC artist Kaden Harris

The St. Pierre is a handmade pipe constructed from a brass bedknob, a brass chandelier, brass screening, and for the mouthpiece, the internal fitting of an industrial-strength grease nipple. This one has a skookum little brass pot stand that also doubles as a stash. Multitasking FTW!!

I made a pipe like this for a friend of mine in Maple Ridge last Christmas. Her last name was St. Pierre. She was less than happy that I didn’t include some manner of stand for it. The she broke my heart. Wimmin… waddayagonnado?

Mrs. (Reginald) Popsy Tidswell-Sooke loves this pipe. Says it reminds her of something Gandalf would conceal in the folds of his white, post-Balrog robes. She’d rather I keep it, but since neither of us smoke, she’s allowing me to put it in the hands of Fate.

If you’re the allergic type, you should know that the St. Pierre sits jauntily in its stand with the help of some natural latex. And you should be pleased that it’s entirely lead-free.

Approximately 8.5″ tall, 12″ from end to end and 3″ wide. If you’re in metro Vancouver, or are willing to get yourself here, you can pick it up in person. (Contact me for a PayPal invoice without shipping. Don’t use the Buy Now button for local pickup.)

Otherwise, we’ll ship it to you. As a regular pipe (not a bong or water pipe) we can ship this across the border for international customers.

Price: $250.00
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