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Handmade Musical Instruments

I usually have at least one electric kalimba in stock. The one in the photo is a good representation of what yours is going to look like but it’s not the one you’re gonna get. Ping me before ordering if you want a custom model or have special requests. Commissions are accepted.

Zen Electric Kalimba

Electric Kalimba by Vancouver BC artist and musician Kaden Harris, Eccentric Genius. Walnut, brass, copper. Piezo mic with female RCA out.
Price: $100.00

Water Pipes

Sadly, I can’t ship these outside of Canada. (Yes, even though recreational marijuana is A-OK in Colorado and Washington State, and medical marijuana is legal in even more places, the bongs would have to cross the border to get there. And the border is manned by the Federales, not the State.)