Pea Sheller,,, Explained

Posted by on Mar 6, 2013 in Videos | 15 comments

How to build a pea sheller, state fair, county fair, show in the city park, shelling peas, made in Arkansas, USA, small farms, farmers market, purple hull, split sweet green pea casserole, blackeyed peas and hambone, a good country song on the radio, life is good, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,, Oh! the question? what did the duck tape girl say when she done went and seen that big pully?,,,,,,, Aa, hippie, hook a bicycle to it,,,,,, the show goes on from here on the east coast of Arkansas,,



  1. SIR: Can you tell me where you bought/find the parts and how you put it together?
    Thank you very much

  2. ,,,, Aaaa,,, hill0ck,, i’m catchin’ up on my reply’s, thanks

  3. Thanks for sharing Shopdog. I am growing all kinds of peas and beans in my garden this year and would love to have my husband build a pea sheller like yours.

  4. This is a Most Valuable Possession,,, I like it a lot!

  5. ,,,,, thank you,,, shopdogsam

  6. i like the way this guy explains and has these captions and sheets like he says my lathe then he shows a page that simply says”G99727″…grizzly lathe number…cool technique ..very effective..laphant1

  7. well before my accident, no i probibly wouldnt have put a guard on it. but after i had a near death expirence with a PTO shaft , i tend to be a little more safe while im working!!!

  8. hey shopdogsam been watchin alot on the model 72 got an idea make an good ol fashion maytag icecream maker any suggestions


  10. Nice job Sam!! Hey I did get one of those old Ironheads!! Vintage 1976. Looks like they are good ole engines just like you said

  11. nice work sam

  12. Sam a great project to excite that grey matter in our brains. Hope it makes the fair, its a good example of country boy logic. One of your you-tubers mentioned that your power may be in your beard, if that correct, I better start growing mind today. Looking forward to more project oriented videos. TONY G.

  13. U should run a belt from your maytag to the sheller !

  14. very nice glad you put that guard on them there gears dont want no beard in my Peas LOL

  15. I’m in agreement with the DTG. Hook it to a stationery bicycle and get your exercise and save gas too!!