Neon Rainbow Screaming Phantoms Nail Art

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here is a variation off of one of my favorite paintings by edvard munch called “the scream” i did it in a design for nails and i hope you guys like it. crazy and girlie mixed into one! :) please pass this video to anyone you think will love it or wants to learn and please SUBSCRIBE to my channel for new uploads every monday wednesday and friday! My Youtube: My Twitter: My Facebook: My Pinterest: My Instagram= robinmosesnailart My Tumblr: My Blog: My Most Asked Questions in Text: My Most Asked Questions in Video: Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. -Dr. Seuss



  1. i had a shitty camera. i assure you it was neon <3

  2. this doesnt look neon!”/

  3. hello! pigments=loose shiney glittery eyeshadow…………you get them anywhere they sell cosmetics..or samples at the bare escentual counter…..or just everywhere they have fine glitter by nyc or other very inexpensive companies…i get mine lately from a supplier called inaz pigments on facebook…i order from her until her site is up….great products…:):) xoxoxoxo

  4. Where do you get the pigments

  5. thank you so much! i think most all of my videos have one…i think of them as “veruca salt” who didnt get the chocolate factory i am giving and i am willy wonka…it makes it funny :) i just laugh :) :) xoxoxxo thank you so so much!

  6. i want to know who is the one backside to dislike this……these are gorgeous

  7. anna is an angel for one…i just adore her and want to paint her as a fairy :) its very very very difficult to get a good picture of the color in my work. the light reflects in such ways during the day that it washes out to yellow……all of my designs so i try and guide people to my facebook and youtube for the ‘real’ pictures…..i am so glad you went. its amazing the difference! you can understand more if you see the finished picture . thank you so much for watching!! xoxo :)

  8. Glad you’ll still make tutorials :) Would you like to subscribe me so you’ll know when I upload the video ;)

  9. yeah!!!!! you rock ………….. thank you so so so so much! when i can retire from nails its going to be a huge fun celebration! i will still make tutorials…im talkking about 12 hour a day workdays facing down filing….blech.

  10. Yes dear, I’ll mention that I learned it from you :) And I have had you in my other channels box for a good while too :)

  11. you are so welcome yummy…in return (since i know you are such a good nail artist) i ask you to please tell people you learned from me….. so i can retire and do artwork for galleries. i would be so very grateful if you do…..i am sharing with you all of the things that i kind of ‘made up’ so i can reach my goal…..i am so so so happy you are using it and love it and it turned out beautiful :) isnt it awesome–now you are going to be a pigment junkie too!!! hahahahah! *huge hug*

  12. Awesome mix of colours! Today I got my nail foil and foil glue via mail and tried the pigment thing on one of my fake nails and it turned out great! I’m going to make a valentines day design later this week with using the pigments! Thanks Robin so much for teatching the technique to me, the effect picments give to nails is soo beautiful! :)

  13. i have a full size one in the bathroom at my shop..its like 6ft tall…and the guy is holding a sandwich instead of covering his ears…………i love that painting…..ill put it on my

  14. I had to draw that painting in art class in high school. I don’t think I got a good grade on it though. Then again I didn’t really get good grades in art much because I was never one to draw stuff I wasn’t passionate about and having fun doing.

  15. There isn’t any design you do that isn’t anything but awesome…but where are the freaking hearts…it’s Valentine season for godsakes, lol, jk

    I really did laugh out loud at the “…fear and loathing…”oh you who crys over Marilyn Monroe… love ya Robin :) Thanks for another great Monday!! Janice

  16. FENOMENALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!