Mixing, Pouring and Creating Altered Art Bezels With ICE Resin

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Flip a switch and she comes to life! Sorry we forgot to edit the front of the video….and….it’s a little bit long. But the better to show you how great working with resin really IS! Grab your cuppa and maybe a sandwich….and come into the Messy Workshop with B’sue of www.bsueboutiques.com (B’sue Boutiques) as she reviews some of the techniques as found in the book EXPLORE CREATE RESINATE by Jen Cushman. Susan Lenart Kazmer is the artist that developed ICE resin, and Jen Cushman’s book is surely the manual for the class. B’sue is committed to blogging and videoing through the book and sharing her findings with you. Why? Because she loves working with the stuff! Resin presents a wide berth of artistic opportunities for all artists, whether they are jewelry makers, art journalists, mixed media crafters—-you name it, resin will help you in your adventures. In this video learn how B’sue mixes the resin for best success, and even how she repairs a few pieces that were less than perfect! Let”s take this journey together, and please share your comments with us at B’sue Boutiques. You can message B’sue through the website (above) or at the B’sue Boutiques Fan Page to get a quick response. Any tips you have are appreciated. We are all here to learn! Need supplies? We have ICE resin and everything you need at http



  1. Very interesting. What was the name of the book you mentioned on how to do this?

  2. Haha, bezzle

  3. you like old things dont you?

  4. Wow, this is amazing.

  5. Thank you for posting this. Very educational and inspirational!

  6. you’re fab….amazing ideas

  7. Great video, very clear explination on the Diamond Glaze/resin argument, which I was very confused about as a complete beginner on resin/glazes. I will certainly be attempting some resin work now :)

  8. u are soooo amazing
    i just learned soo muuch from this video thank yoou soo much u are a great teacher
    and props to the cam guy :)

    u perfer not to work with gloves though?

    thank u for sharing!!! i watched the whole thing n learned a lot!

  9. I really like the ideas and tips you gave, Woo Hoo!

  10. Hi B’Sue, great video and you look absolutely fabulous!!! Maybe I’ll try the ice resin one day. Keep it up girl, always a pleasure to see you!

  11. Casting resin is VERRRRRRRRRRY easy! And I mean very

  12. Fabulous video!

  13. Great video ….ummmm lol did you know you have two different earrings on?

  14. sounds like “Roxanne”

  15. You are my favorite film star!!! ♥♥♥

  16. YOUR AWSOME AS USUAL!!! Im almost back to creating


  18. All your videos are great. YOU are so wonderful! Thank you for sharing your expertise, ideas and your great work. I wish I was RICH so I could but ALL YOUR components at your store! I’ll buy a few pieces for sure. Thank you for your generosity. :) Love your personality so much.

  19. I love your videos! It looks like so much fun :)