Itsy Bitsy STEAMPUNK spiders, insects, bugs, etc.

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Itsy Bitsy STEAMPUNK spiders, insects, bugs, etc.

Itsy Bitsy STEAMPUNK spiders, insects, bugs, etc.

More Steampunk mini art sculpture creations from the Boffins Bunker in Cornwall. Itsy Bitsy spiders, beetles, bugs, creepy crawlies, insects, etc.
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WOW – I just found the BEST store for brass Steampunk style charms – go and check out Scrap Matrix Sorry guys the sound is not my nor…
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  1. Oh I get the picture! Looks like I’m not the only one who needs to buy less. LOL. Been buying like crazy myself. So guilty I’ve been stinging on clothes, shoes and makeup. Haha! One of my New Year Resolutions is to cut down my spending on crafts. But Scrap Matrix is one of my next shopping destinations for sure. Thanks. :) 

  2. Hi – I’m a part of several on-line communities for crafters, one of which had a 30-day craft detox (where we weren’t supposed to buy any more goodies for 30 days – no camp just an email group) I saw these and was weak lol – so much for not spending any money for 30 days on craft goodies :O)

  3. Thanks for sharing your haul. The part about being in a 30-day detox thingy, do you mean you found the onlne shop at a camp or something?

  4. They are one the way – I love the image so much I’m having a hard time with putting it on a card as I don’t want to ruin it!!!!

  5. those are all so cute.They would be screaming at me to make molds with them so I could make as many as I wanted. I love Steampunk stuff

  6. Sorry….I could not hear you….you sound like your talking underwater…yikes. Very uncomfortable to listen too