Creating Pendants with Ice Resin Part 1

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Part I of how I fill my sculpted steampunk pendants with Ice Resin. You can find the finished jewelry at The pendants are each sculpted by hand from polymer clay and tiny watch parts are glued into cut out areas before being filled with resin. Each necklace is totally unique.



  1. the cephalopods are very beautiful :) great craftsmanship!

  2. omg i love steampunk, im so happy i watched this! xD

  3. Thankyou very much for your prompt reply!

  4. I get them from a local farm supply store for about $0.25. You can also order them online from vet supply companies. You want to look for oral syringes that are for squirting medication into animals’ mouths, other syringes can be made to work with some trimming but oral syringes are the best.

  5. Where do you get those syringes?

  6. The finish is a surface coat of a gloss varnish I apply after banking the polymer clay. There are a lot of different ways to treat polymer clay to get different surface effects, acrylic varnishes, floor polish (seriously, gives it a very ceramic finish), liquid polymer clay. Different mica powders, glitters, and powdered pigments can also be applied to either unbaked clay or mixed with the finish gives different results as well.

  7. I did make them, they are sculpted from polymer clay.

  8. What are the charms made of, did you make the octopus things?

  9. wow..bashing peoples material choices for art based on a fictitious time period and technology ? i think you and your cat need a life…lol…

  10. It took about a year to get my Etsy shop established so I was selling on a regular basis and I’ve now been there since 2008 so I’ve built up a good base of customers and traffic. I have plenty of tips but Youtube comments are too short, contact me through my Etsy shop.

  11. @NoadiArt I checked out your etsy shop and you have really nice stuff! I also guestimated at how much you have made based on what you’ve sold and DAMN!! How do you do it really, did they sell right away or how long did it take? I’m trying desperately to start my own deal and I had a shop on artfire forever but I only ever got one inquiry and no purchases. I’m sure it’s not the stuff because i’ve sold at festivals before. Got any advise you don’t mind sharing? Thanx for you time, Angel

  12. Should she re-title her video to “Faux Steampunk” to appease you?

    I happen to think her work is pretty awesome and even if it may not be a “traditional” steampunk medium what does it really matter?

    Besides, she’s clearly spent time on these so called “pieces of plastic” so perhaps you should try to look beyond that and appreciate all of the meticulous work she’s clearly put into these lovely creations.

  13. oh, wow! great!! I am in your debt, of Not having to clean yet, another mess off of her!! so glad I asked~~ and thanks for saying about the fumes, or.. the lack of. I am so curious about all this stuff, and Knowledge is.. awesome. Appreciate your ‘brain’. Ha, thank you Again. have a great weekend!!!!!!!

  14. If you mean polymer clay then no you can’t, duct tape adhesive will melt at temperatures below what clay cures at and the plastic part of the tape may melt as well. Either way you will end up with a sticky mess. What you can use is 2 part sculpting epoxy, there are two brands I’m familiar with ApoxieSculpt and MagicSculp that are both designed for use in art and craft projects. It chemical cures like resin but it’s a clay-like putty and doesn’t need to be heated at all.

  15. Ice Resin is different than usual clear resins, it’s non-toxic and the smell is fairly mild. I’d compare it to windex or other ammonia containing window cleaners. Not pleasant but nothing that requires lots of ventilation like other more toxic resins. Most resins cure much faster than Ice Resin with the help of some more or less toxic chemicals however once it’s cured it’s quite similar in durability to those types of resins like what is sometimes used on table tops.

  16. I ran outta room.. sorry to bother you about it.. It’s just important to me.. it’s a mermaid tail on a doll.
    I had tried painting the duct tape.. what a mess that was. I had wanted to add some dimension to it.. like, scales and fin details. So…!! rethinking it.. and figured if I could cure clay over the tape.. Then I could add the color (or before I cured it)
    anyway.. thank u for listening!! Lizzy

  17. thanks, for saying Noadiart! so, it’s like the stuff that used to make tables with.. you know, and put the coins, and art down, and have thick resin over it..  does it have a strong smell to it? I am very curious about it.
    And I was wondering.. I have a project that has duct tape over it.. I was wondering if I could apply clay over it, to be cured??? I know, that sounds weird. But, I googled it w/o luck.. and I was wondering if you knew who I could ask about this.

  18. Not exactly. Diamond glaze is air drying so it can only be used in thin layers and has a tendency to get cloudy if it’s layered on too thick or it’s humid while you’re trying to dry it. It’s nice for certain uses but thick applications like my necklaces it’s not ideal. Ice resin being a two part resin it cures via a chemical reaction so the thickness of the layers or humidity have much less effect on the final product. Plus it’s entirely waterproof.

  19. so, ice resin, that is like Diamond Glaze, right?? very nice stuff.. found you on Esty. loved the blue green squids.

  20. this are adorable!! :) i love the one that looks like a squid

  21. plastics came into the picture during the early 1900′s so its fringe period

  22. very kewl pendants!!

  23. BOMB! Excellent work! Thank u for sharing! ;)

  24. here it is not

  25. if you make plastic look like metal then yes, their is…