xKore – Steampunk

Posted by on Jul 5, 2012 in Videos | 20 comments

new song
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  1. took me 2 minutes to notice that she was holding a gun…

  2. turn it to 420p and you’ll see them :D 

  3. Dude, why??? Now that’s the only thing I see when I look at the video. It’s so ugly!

  4. That pic has NOTHING to do with steampunk lol

  5. She seems to have three on her back..

  6. why steampunk? , not any industrial era typical noise in dat song …

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  8. always depends on the sounds you make when you fart id say xD

  9. anyone else hearing random farting noises in this song?

  10. We saw what you did thar…

  11. I see what you did there…..

  12. I liked the part where I commented on music. Excuse me if I didn’t get it wrong, but I don’t usually listen to any sort of electronic music.

  13. I liked the part where you called it techno.

  14. i see a nipple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

  15. ummmmm i didnt pay that much for the speakers firstly, and i didnt sell them to get the pioneers, i sold them because i was broke, and will do.

  16. Hold on, you sold 40000$ speakers to get decent Pioneers? :p Whatever ^^ Go check out Grado headphones btw, they dont have any model rated less than 10/10 ;3

  17. yea Diamond 802′s i used a pair of those for monitoring my tracks for a while but i sold now i got some decent pioneers, but overall the best headset i’ve found is the sony xb500s they slam xDDD

  18. Higher fidelity? Bitch please. Go top the fidelity of some Bowers & Wilkins CM8, Diamond 802 or something comparable running over an decent Accuphase E amp.
    Headphones are the less expensive way to go HiFi though, cant argue with that.

  19. I feel your pain, bro.

  20. Were you seriously expecting a techno song called “steampunk” to have anything AT ALL to do with steampunk fantasy?