WW1 steampunk playing electric OUD

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WW1 steampunk playing electric OUD

Cemal Zuber Playing electric OUD
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  1. Turkish are tuned differently, and are smaller in size to Arabic ones.
    Also the styles are very, very different as well.

  2. cool. so i’m looking at oud’s now. what the diff between turkish and egyptian oud’s besides sound?

  3. Na, its a raga box.(tambura in a box).

  4. sweet. were you using the ravish pedal on this one?

  5. Thanks! I remember how I was trying to capture this musical moment in time, as the day I recorded this I had an idea to wear my goggles while playing my electric oud, and, this character was born. I recall doing about 25 takes until I was satisfied with the performance. Of the mode I’m playing in, I practiced the same musical scale for 6 months.

  6. brilliant!

  7. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that makes Middle Eastern music sound so great, but I know I like it.

  8. steampunk is juvenile.

  9. bravo cemal 

  10. bravo cemal

  11. not every american is an ignorant twit. yet.

  12. tasakur!

  13. The BEST Oud ever ,, i wish i have just the same ^_^

  14. I also love to listen to Arabic music.

  15. oh duuuuude ! like it ! I’m arabic and surprised that there is an American can play it lol !

  16. hint müziğini andırıyor arkadaki öten “şey” ( adını bilmiyorum)

  17. The oud is a Arabic instrument, but is also featured in many near eastern musics. I guess that you could say that I.m paying homage to Arabic, and Turkish music in a American way.

  18. awesome!! isit arabic music?

  19. thanks mate!

  20. superb stuff my man, see you in Midtown or somewhere soon mehopes!

  21. Thanks kindly! I have had many Greek friends turn me on to amazing music over the many years that I have been a music lover!

  22. guy you are an amazing musician and artist!greetings from Greece :)

  23. “Well,’ its sort of a weird world, don’t ya think?

  24. Im in the weird part of youtube again…..
    And I love it.