WP7 XNA – Steampunk Tower Defence

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The Defence of Lushington Springs is my first game aimed for Windows Phone 7. It is still early days, but the levels are already funtioning quite well. None of the art assets are ready yet (maps, towers and units) and I stil have to decide exactly which towers to have. I have a content pipeline importer which makes importing towers trivial, so hopefully it shouldn’t take too long, and then it will be a case of balancing the units and towers. I also plan on having 12 units in the game (only 4 in the video). I still need to implement the tower bases and tops, which rotate around to face their current target. As you would expect the game runs well in the WP7 emulator, but unfortunately the emu doesn’t work with fraps, so this is a windows build. It is possible to play through the entire game with touch screen only, with the external phone buttons (vol etc.) controling the main menu interface. The music in the video is from incompetech.com and consists of: Failing Defense – Kevin MacLeod Interloper – Kevin MacLeod

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  1. Thanks Darren. Yup, the new update (v1.8) got approved this morning so it should be available soon. It pretty much fixes all the acheivements and improves the perks so it should be much more enjoyable. Oh, and there are about 4 new units in it (which I missed on the originial version by accident)

  2. I agree bud, it did look ausome! Still a top notch game though :-)

    Any ideas on when a new update is coming? Or any new games of this genre you may also develop?


  3. hi, basically this was the first prototype before I had finished half the game. I ended up redoing all the graphics again for the final. Shame really because I kind of liked the gritty feel of the bombers and the cartoony feel of the canyons.

    Also a big change was I moved from a grid based tower placement system to purely vectors and bounding circles, for almost free placement.

  4. how come this looks so different to the actual one on the marketplace?

  5. Top Free Games for WP7: Rotate and Roll

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    to rotate the level around. Have fun!

  6. sorry, don’t remember seeing this comment. I guess it would be possible to easily get it to run on zune HD. The biggest reason for not doing this will be because I don#t actually have the hardware to test it on :(

  7. This looks pretty cool. I can’t wait to see the finished version.

  8. thanks. actually this is a pretty early video, and I hadn’t started balancing the units and towers out (indeed the video only features a few units and towers). I’ll wait until all the units are ready before trying to balance it though.
    The game recorded was quite hard, and I had to make a few videos to make it last long enough to show :)

  9. That looks amazing – keep up the good work. Can I just ask what level of difficulty that is – it looks pretty hard and fast paced compared to other tower defense games.
    Looks great though!!!!

  10. Looks great

  11. Thanks, and they are definitately both good suggestions. I was going to go with the idea of having less of the same units on the screen at the same time, but instead increasing the HP of the units progressively. I guess it is the same as what you suggested with the number in the long run though (I’ll give both a go).

    Regarding the mouse cursor, I’ve already improved it alot in the latest version. I’ll post a video in a few weeks (just modelling everything at the mo’).

  12. Hi. I’ve never played advanced wars before so I don’t know, but this will be basically the same as other tower defence games, albeit with hopefully more appealing graphics and theme.

  13. thanks

  14. thanks for the comment chris

  15. thanks a lot. hopefully it’ll look and play a lot better when its nearer completion.

  16. This is a great device. A true (if there were one then) what today is known as ipod. I have a similar creation I can’t wait to upload footage of. You are the closest ive seen so far. Nice work. Please stay tuned to future uploads of fun Stampunk ideas.

  17. i loooooove NIKOLA TESLA i love teslapunk,cyberpunk and steampunk incredible work,my congrats

  18. Saweeeet! 24 hour access to the web. I likeitalot.

  19. Fantastic!
    Silly question: What is the name of the music in the background?

    Keep up the good work, Cheers

  20. Haha. Perfect commercial. I now want one.

  21. noes this the the computer chip doesnt fit steampunk,you shouldnt open it xD

  22. haha awesome!

  23. I had to favorite after then access to the net thing

  24. Absolutely genius!