Wooden Steampunk iPhone Dock 4/4s

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 8 comments

Wooden Steampunk iPhone Dock 4/4s

This iPhone Dock, designed and crafted by Jonathan Alberico, is made of solid Mahogany. This is a true steampunk design. It does not contain any electrical components (other than the iPhone). The portion of the video featuring the Dock in action is **Not** a digital overlay. It is the actual recording of the Dock’s amplification. If you wish to order a Custom iPhone or iPod Dock, Please Message Us. We can make it to your specs and theme. This dock is for sale on my Etsy Page (link Below) Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Watch us on Youtube: www.youtube.com Shop us on Etsy: www.etsy.com The song featured is “Cleaning Apartment” but the stunningly fabulous Kronos Quartet.

Steampunk jewelry and accessories for men and women, by designer Grace Acosta at www.Rivkasmom.com



  1. very very good! very tasteful!

  2. Desinger has good taste in my opinion. :)

  3. Could you suggest a good book on how to do this or a place where I can start. I want to get started and I sadly don’t know how. I do know that I most likely will need lots of resin, watch parts, bezels and chains.

  4. The music gave me goosebumps.

    Love it! I’ve been very interested in steampunk lately, and now I’m trying what can I do myslef. :3 It’s so fun!

  5. U R so good!

  6. its very good but it needs alot of work and materials
    sometimes you need to take parts from watch
    sometimes you just dont know where to input the materials
    but i really wonder whos gonna wear steampunk ring in public i mean its very cool but its more for collections

  7. LuckyBadger your steampunk jewelry is amazing. I am truley inspred by your work. I wish you all the success in the world. This music certainly helps with presenting your jewelry well. Keep it up! You’re good at what you do.

  8. Nice!!