Winter’s Over (Lets Have An Adventure)

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Winter's Over (Lets Have An Adventure)

WINTER WRAP UP STEAMPUNK! This was finished a lot quicker than I thought…partly because I have nothing to do except study until Saturday…=P So, I went in a slightly different direction for this one. I decided to create a number of different emotions and feelings in a short space of time, rather than giving it a factory based sound throughout. Of course, the Steampunk feel is still very apparent, but this sounds a bit more like the helter-skelter style of an opening to an anime. Y’know, everyone doing fancy flips about the opening credits and super long and quick panning with the camera…=P Anyway, as the name suggests, it’s more “ADVENTURE” Steampunk, rather than “WORK” Steampunk! Pictures are: 1) Dunno, it’s on Ponibooru though! 2) Muffinsforever! 3) As the picture suggests, by GigaToast (or BlockEraser) 4) Crimson-Hairess (Daww at the OC) 5) JRK08004 And then some repeats… DOWNLOAD: EDIT: The sound of clanging, because someone requested it: PS I apologise for the clipping in the machine starting up, unfortunately, that was in the recording I got…
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  1. This seriously makes me think of the Rainbow Factory during Winter Wrap Up…I think I might try and make a fic out of that.

  2. Feels like the menu in a Steampunk Game…

  3. who has two thumbs and just subscribed? b^_^d this guy

  4. I love you so much. These are epic and wonderful and pure YES

  5. you are an inspiration :)

  6. You just earned yourself a suscriber

  7. As in, a full score? I could, but it’d take time that I unfortunately don’t have at the moment, sorry! Maybe in mid-June, when the University gives me my life back! Remind me!

  8. Would you be able to do a full scipt, I love these! and I’d love to be able to play this with my local orchestra.

  9. because they’re well put together music peaces and/or you’re bored

  10. I dunno, why?

  11. Windigo boss prelude!

  12. *sigh why do i watch these.

  13. Anyone keep hearing the whistle sound from the Rusty Bucket Bay level of Banjo Kazooie in this?

  14. To screw with people who use that! It’s also just a generic recording of a door opening, it’s unfortunate that people associate it with that…=P

  15. Love! But what’s with the ICQ “online” sound effect?

  16. You might want to check the “Steampunk Pony” playlist on my channel, I’ve already started some of the season 2 songs!

  17. ooh! Will you be working on Steampunk versions of the season 2 songs? I can’t wait for a steamy version of “Smile, Smile, Smile”

  18. 1:30

    Me: OH GOD MY EARS!!!!!!!!!
    These new fangled “steam” machines are louder than a filly with a new tuba!!!!

  19. Dammit, I just got the original out of my head>.<

  20. Ah, I was close. Thank you very much.

  21. The opening is in E Major, the rest of the song is in C# minor!

  22. Just wondering, is this in c-minor?

  23. The first picture is by ikillyou121 on deviantart if you wanna know.