Will Smith vs Loveless

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This is one of my favorite scenes. West and Loveless meet. Loveless is in a special wheelchair having lost most of his body. Both legs etc. He engages West in a battle of words to see who could basically get under the other’s skin and IMO West won.

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  1. It’s one of my favorite, too.


  3. This makes me laugh… EVERY TIME!! =D Awesome film!! =)

  4. Are We Forgeting Ms. East? loloolololol


  6. I wish I was as cool as Will Smith.

  7. It’s funny until you’re a black war veteran who got his foot taken off by shrapnel.
    Then it’s hilarious.

  8. Loveless:Thats very good mr west VERY humerous!
    Jim West: Really? why dont you give me a stand innovation??
    Loveless:THATS IT!!! i have had it with this porch monkey!!! GUARDS!!
    Jim West: ok……im gonna be the bigger man and walk away…..WALK away

  9. Peter Griffin : Okay Okay Okay, what about this? Black or Crippled?

  10. i was gonna say thanks to the people saying: “i was this old when i saw it, now im this old” so i wouldnt have to look up what year this movie came out on imdb, but i cant do basic math at 4am so i did it anyway

  11. Can YOU believe that man is Kenneth fucking Branagh…

  12. I have seen the entire thing, and the moments with Dr. Loveless is just outright what stands left in the memory of the movie!

  13. Until Recently i have no idea that loveless was played by kenneth branagh…

    And that this man directed THOR. A movie which i really enjoyed.

  14. If Men in Black got a new movie….so can Wild Wild West!!!

  15. one of the funniest convo’s in a movie, Will Smith owned him

  16. I was like 7 when this came out. Now im 22 and wondering where the time has gone.

  17. Now someone around here promised me a whoopin’. Dark haired fella, crazy beard about your height, have ya seen him?

  18. wow. brilliant.

  19. aww, no worries. we’ll hopefully see you guys next year!

  20. Sorry, our camera guy only got that quick snippet at the end of your Game of Thrones cover as he was coming back from a different area. We loved your performances though!

  21. hey! @MachinimaRealm —

    i’m the fairy playing flute at 2:20… if you guys have any more footage of us performing, would you be able to send it our way?


  22. Woohoo! Spotted myself! (the black/silver Viking at the 0:15 mark) Thanks for posting!

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  25. Don’t worry, i’m sure you’re not alone in not being invited to prom, especially among us nerds, lol

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  27. This actually looks kinda cool and less nerdy than i would expect. Love the knight armor.

  28. of you are roleplaying, why not go all the way. right?

  29. He he


  31. I would love to dress up in a beautiful dress and go to one of these just once in my life. But alas ive never even been to prom.

  32. 2:15 thats a pretty sweet mask.

  33. what, no Chris Hardwick? dafuq.

  34. Pretty sure it’s a reference to the Masquerade Ball scene in the movie. You know, where Bowie sings “as The World Falls Down”.

  35. Christ, I need to move to L.A.

  36. O_O O_O …

  37. I want to go to this >.<

  38. O_O Idiot …

  39. A lot of people probably getting laid after that

  40. ian should have gone as your housejarl aka packmule