When Graphic Artists Get Bored – Steampunk Fantastic Vehicles [Worth1000]

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More image galleries at www.worth1000.com Worth1000.com hosts amazing daily art contests around photo-editing, photography, illustration and more! All images used in this video were made by amateur artists for the Steampunk Fantastic Vehicles! contest hosted at Worth1000.com! CONTEST: Steampunk: Fantastic Vehicles! DESCRIPTION: The futuristic natural world of yesteryear! ENTRIES: 16 GALLERY: www.worth1000.com ================== SPECIAL THANKS TO: ================== ** Animoto.com for creating the video with our images! ** Produce your own awesome video in a few easy steps at Animoto.com ** Ronald Jenkees for graciously supplying us with his awesome music! ** – Subscribe to his channel at http – Buy his music directly at ronaldjenkees.com ** All Worth1000 artists who had their work featured in this video! ** All credit goes to everyone who entered Steampunk Fantastic Vehicles!! Check out the full gallery of 16 contest entries here: www.worth1000.com ============================= FULL LIST OF ENTRIES FEATURED ============================= – “Death Machine” by ChrisEll www.worth1000.com – “Bathyscaphe” by machacasaurio www.worth1000.com – “Steampunk Crab-marine” by Suedetess www.worth1000.com – “All aboard!” by aheadmon www.worth1000.com – “Iron Sub” by Manosart www.worth1000.com – “Fantastic Race” by ClumsyJuggler www.worth1000.com – “old scientists’ steamsubmarine” by Valgio www.worth1000.com – “Flying Ad” by Kryptomaniacle www.worth1000.com – “Flying Ark” by
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here is a design that is simple and beautiful that is loved by many of my clients. please subscribe and pass it out to everyone you know will love it! robinmosesnailart.blogspot.com www.youtube.com www.facebook.com robinmoses.com twitter.com



  1. Wow, this is so great! I always wear my nails completely black, dark red or dark green and Love, love, LOVE this design! A dark nail is always classic and brings the attention to your hands and jewellery. I’ve got to get me some gold and silver striper tools! *subbing!*

    Ps. Please, do you have a tip for me in keeping the red from going over the pink area to help me keep the colours neat and in place?

  2. hi!!! i got a new camera sincce this tutorial. i might redo this! thank you so much for watching and my love to you!!! :) :)

  3. I love the design. With the last shot checking the results, you could use a better lighting setup. It would make it easier to see the details, especially when you use glitter and metallic colours. I hope that helps. :)

  4. andrea! awesome! i cant wait to see you there…and yes, i pushing out non-run-of-the-mill videos in hopes of retiring and showing my art all over the world. :) its a huge goal and dream but i am going to make it happen :) :):) xoxoxoxo

  5. pleasure to meet you too! so thru reading comments (i’m not a stalker i swear lol) you mentioned you were from oregon. i’m from WA! about 20 min from OR border actually. mom grew up in medford :) going to your facebook page now! thank you for your warm welcome into the free hand world hahahaha so pleased to meet you :) you seem very helpful, and genuine, unlike a lot of the run-of-the-mill-push-put-vids-for-views youtubers. you’re here to help and that’s amazing! xoxo- andrea

  6. hahahaahaahah aweesome!!!!! *huge hug* it is so nice to meet you!!! i cant wait to see what you do! show me your art on my facebook group page robinmosesnailart and read my top questions on my front page to get situated with all of the stuff you need toget started..its super easy….my love to you!!!!

  7. Romantic/Victorian is the perfect description of this! Idk how I found this on my iPhone- lol but I’m glad I did! I can’t wait to get home and find u on the real computer. Something tells me u will consume sunday evening heehee

  8. oh! thank you so much!!!! i sm so happy you like them :) :) my favorite style! i want to see them! share them with my group page robinmosesnailart on facebook!!! xoxoxoxo

  9. I know what I’m gonna be doing next week!
    Thanks for this lovelly tutorial! <3

  10. awww..thank you so much :) *huge hug*

  11. Those are some wonderful news! I’m really happy for you! This will be a great opportunity for people to find you and your art! As I already said, you really deserve it! And I hope you get some sleep ;)

  12. nope..i dont sleep a lot at all….:) this is one of the nicest comments ever…seriously. *huge hug* thank you :) i do try so hard. here IS good news….i am going to be in nails magazine in april, june and july…….and my videos are getting better all the time..i looked back at my first videos and i busted out laughing…..so, it is going more smoothly and i feel comfortable..its nice. i am having fun and am drawing to me such nice people. i am blessed for sure so i am happy!

  13. You are so sweet for answering on almost all comments! I mean, do you ever rest or sleep? And I love, love, LOVE this design, and you sound fine to me ;) I like how you talk :D

    I read your recent blog post and I really must say that I wish with ALL my heart your dream comes true. You DESERVE every one of your viewers and millions more, ’cause you really have something special. Your talent is wonderful and the hard work you put in it made you ever more skilful and unique.

  14. thank you so much! i realllly want to redo this video..i was cracking up before i started and i loathe the beginning…….but, i have since learned how to maintain (a bit) …its really hard to let the people in the room mess with you when you are filming…… to where you dont sound like a damn nut….but, i really would love to do this again in a calmer environment….it would turn out better too….this……..is one of my favorite designs :) :) i am so so glad you like it :)

  15. Beautiful!! Love the idea!

  16. ohhhhh..you are confused as to the application of a french manicure!!!! okay…..in my next tutorial where i start with a french, i will ‘do’ the french part before i start the video……..i try and cut out as much of the ‘before’ work as possible so i dont spend a lot of ‘film time’ painting…its hard to keep the times down…but sure, i will do one for you! french manicures are hard to learn at first…thats why you cover the line with art :) hahahaha

  17. Hi Robin..thank you for answering my question here….I am still confused I guess on HOW to do it exactly …whenever I use to do french manicures on me I would always just use those little sticky white guides but getting the paint on the nails perfectly around that part of nail sounds hard to me…can you show me a video on how you do it please? I would sooo love it. Thank you again Robin. You are wonderful. Wish we lived closer.

  18. hi kriss!!!! doing a reverse french has no specific rule except you incorperate the lunula into part of the design. it was made popular in the 40s i think? women did not paint the lunula and then variations took off and then it went away and now i am seeing it again. you paint the lunula (or moon of the nail) a different color than the rest….i left mine fleshtone here :) but the possibilities are endless and just give a more old time feel…they look great on round and pointed nails