What? would you do

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Ponder this,, I was glad to get it when I first got it, this little el-cheapo piece of junk, where was it made?, was it a “cracker jack” prize, or a trinket from the mid-way at the county fair,, guess my weight, win a prize,, no, it was a gift, no instructions,,,, she said, duck tape that thing a ma jig to the table,, problem solved, No!, no duck tape,,,, leave a comment as to the answer of what to do with this one piece wonder,, subscribe, pass it on,,, shopdogsam
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  1. Hang a Maytag from it lol.

  2. Do what I did with my useless little tripod- just set it aside, and you’ll eventually lose it. :)

  3. Check out the gorilla pod its a bit like that thing but a lot better, it actually works and can wrap its legs around things with the camera attached to it.

  4. watch your filthy mouth!! have you no respect for your elders?

  5. but the camera would put weight on the legs and not spring up

  6. Put a tourch on it. Then it becomes very useful :-)

  7. I would mount the parrot on it…then it would look more lifelike. No muss-no fuss,no body to get all butt hurt when there $300.00 camera got broke over a .99 cent tripod. :)

  8. If you do decide to give it to someone, I would love to have it!

  9. I have a very similar looking version. It is the same design, but doesn’t spring back and has rubbery feet. It works very well for my camera.

    I would just see if there was any good wire in the legs.

  10. Toss it in the trash.

  11. Put the end that hooks to the camera in your drill chuck. Then put some valve grinding compound on the little balls on the base of the legs. Would make a great small engine cylinder hone!

  12. i Would use it, as a tripod, for my camera, if it worked. Makes u wonder… if it will actualy work for anything

  13. You just never know, one mans problem may be another mans feature. Someone may have been looking for a tripod that moves and then falls over for their entire life. Just get the word out in its whole truth, as you have already done, and let fate take its course. Who knows who would want this or what they would use it for.

  14. use it as a dildo for your wife.

  15. Back massager

  16. Shoot, I dunno……how about a weedeater attachment! Looks like it could really do a number on weeds! Ha! Save money on string!

  17. hey sam ! make it into a pice of art or some kind of display pice.

  18. Well, its worth what you paid for it!

  19. Put a lamp on it !
    & let it lite !
    Let There & Everywhere Be LIGHT !
    Peace, Love, Music & Rainbows !
    Lot of SUN, Harmony & Happiness !
    To All, Now, Ever & Forever !
    & Much Better ! ( : – )

  20. haha It’s not ‘no good’, it’s just that it’s only good for very light cameras, and set at certain heights. Maybe since it bends, you can try wrapping it around another object to grip it, but I don’t know that it’s strong enough for that.

  21. add i 4th leg to it

  22. set it on fire.

  23. Set it on fire, and then get yourself a beanbag to set your camera on. It will let you point your camera in almost any direction/angle without falling over.