What Is the Pocket Watch? What it is all about?

Posted by on Jul 12, 2012 in Articles | Comments Off

Article by Yeontae

What Is the Pocket Watch? What it is all about? – Shopping – Fashion Style

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Watches are small but very important gadgets in our lives that we cannot do without. This is because they help us know what time it is. There have been numerous designs regarding the watches we use but one of the first ever design is the pocket watch. This watch was designed and first manufactured around the 16<sup>th</sup> century. It was mostly worn by men and especially men who held high position in the society because they were too expensive for everyone to afford. They usual had a chain for support and also the chain was used to hook the watch to the jacket of the wearer. The pocket watch used to be the favorite amongst people that they were mostly made out of gold and silver materials.

The pocket watch mostly came in two designs but the most common to this day is the open faced watch. This is because it can be designed in various forms to fit different tastes and needs. It today’s market, these kind of watches are slowly loosing popularity because of a number of reasons. One of the best explanations for this is the introduction of more effective watches in the market especially the wrist watch and the cell phone watch. But with all these developments, a small percentage of the popular still see some value in the pocket watch.

You can still instill some value to your ordinary watch by having it engraved with writings or pictures. Personally engraved pocket watch makes the best presents for birthdays, anniversaries and or even fathers’ day gifts. There are a number of stores that sell this kind of watches and will add that personal touch by customizing it the way you want it to be. All you need to do is to tell them how you want the final outcome to look like. As a collectors item, these watches have seen their share of importance among different people who see value in ancient items that our forefathers used.

Another reason as to why this watch is still popular is because of the new culture that the youth are slowly embracing, the Steampunk culture. This culture is all about the Victorian era where such products were used. When it comes to buying the pocket watch some of the ideal places to shop from will be the jewelry shop, local antic shops, and also some online shopping will do.

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