What is Steampunk?

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 21 comments

Steampunk enthusiasts tell us how the Steampunk movement got started and shows some example inspired by it.
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  1. RD-D2 has something to do with Steampunk?

  2. So, is Steampunk basically a victorian-esque setting which features anachronistic or modern era technology with a victorian aesthetic look such as the imaginary inventions from the books of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells?

  3. Bioshock Infinite in one word: Steampunk…

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  8. I said that steampunk is more important than Bioshock lol. I work with machining lathes and mills so I do create stuff out of metal.

  9. screw bioshock you want steampunk get off the game and be like us go build something out of scrapmetal then get it to work mechanically it’s more fun and it keeps you from being a lazy fat ass go steampunk whoohooo !!!!!!!!!!! best way to get people off the bioshock subject n_n

  10. Bioshock was visually based off of steampunk art.

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  12. Fable 3.

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  16. /watch?v=59ahx9ckqIw from the movie across the universe

  17. No. It’s way more important than Bioshock.

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  20. bioshock infinite in one word, SteamPunk

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