What is Steampunk? (G-Anime 2011) Steampunk Canada

Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Videos | 17 comments

www.steampunkcanada.ca Steampunk Canada and Steampunk Ottawa Lee Ann Farruga (Founder of Steampunk Canada and a founding member of Steampunk Ottawa) Patrick Gilliland (Founding member of Steampunk Ottawa) Adam Smith (Costume and prop builder for the film industry, Chair of the CNSE)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

My second part of a multi-series video stream showcasing the detailed process of transforming my nerf gun into a steampunk revolver.



  1. thx

  2. cool

  3. I really like it too, I might go to one of there meetups :)

  4. Cheers dude. It looks too low tech for steampunk I’m thinking, in honesty I only heard of steampunk style a couple of years back. I think it totally rocks!

  5. Ha ha it is not grave we shall recover ha yes go you has otakuthon

  6. Cool! We had a fun time there, I put up another Ganime 2011 up the other day, have u seen it yet?

  7. Thanks, steampunk is pretty cool, I like it too :)

  8. Not sure what class the gun is in, but it’s pretty cool!!
    Thanks for watching Spellfury, it should be a good season!

  9. Hi mate. i’ve posted a video response to your steampunk vid. it’s a flintlock I made a while back. Just wondering if it classes as steampunk or more cave man style? Looking forward to season 2 of Spellfury! take care dude.

  10. i love steam punk style … there is that old mechanic fealing behind it i love the way they dress .. nice video i learn from it thanks mister pearson hehehe

  11. I am behind the person who speaks has the camera I go(take) up to lescalier running

  12. yes is me

  13. Nice work but man do you ever yammer on

  14. so if you wanted to could you have just drybrushed silver on top of the base coat f the main part of the gun? I’d like to do something similar with my one only with silver as the main colour, bronze for the barrel and copper on the handle, could I just do a base coat of that spray paint and then drybrush the other colours over the top?

  15. i’m going to make a part 3. ive just been so busy making alot of things for my otakon costume (which this is not even close to being done) plus i got caught up in gundam painting lolz.

  16. make a part 3

  17. Your “antiquing” is actually called drybrushing (because the brush is dry).