What does steam punk Fashion Consist of?

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Article by Steve

What does steam punk Fashion Consist of? – Shopping – Clothing

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Steampunk wear is a term derived from the era when steampower was widely used, i.e. in the Victorian period in Britain or the Wild West in the United States. It is an ideology that is part science fiction, part fantasy which incorporates speculative fiction as well. However, it is based more on the Victorian perspective of fashion, architecture, art and culture. The fantasy factor sets in because some of the machines envisioned include ‘lighter than air- air ships and mechanical computers.

Steampunk attire came into trend in the 1980′s and the early 90′s. It adopts a fascinating style combining goth, industrial fetish and a remix of the Victorian era. The weaves comprise of cultural thread from various parts of the world and the designs are mainly drawn from a 19th century base. The amazing thing about this fashion line is that it is usually designed by the wearer himself adding numerous accessories to complete the outfit.

Steampunk clothes look pretty strange with even cogs and gears incorporated into them. This fashion line is most popular among the cosplayers. They strut about in steampunk costumes dressed up as pirates, explorers or Victorian socialites. Some of the accessories include goggles, mock ray guns, festooned coats and top hats. The ray guns are specially built using whatever knick knacks they can find including wood and metal. Some of them have Nerf or Airsoft guns painted on them.

Steampunk fashion aptly described as a sub culture, at first was popular only in Britain and the United states but now the trend has spread to Japan as well. Some of the items of clothing usually used in this fashion include:

Vests Corsets Bustles Jackets Skirts and blouses.

Some of the clothes are style in the lines of Military wear, of course after making necessary changes to incorporate the ‘punk chic’.

Steampunk clothes are not entirely reflective of the bygone days, for modern accessories are also included in it. For example mobile phones and music players are also carried around after modifying them to fall part of the design.

Since the basic idea is woven around the Steampower era, the colors of the clothes are usually on the darker side, mostly in grey, brown and black. The idea behind it is to keep the soot and coal marks hidden.The fabric used is usually leather probably to make it last longer. Goggles are seen with most steampunk attire again to keep the soot out of their eyes.

Steampunk clothing need not be viewed as casual or funny in fact whoever wears them have a distinct since of sophistication setting in, making them more respectable then before. Those who wish to view steampunk clothes on the big screen can watch movies like the Time Machine and Sleepy Hollow that are entirely filmed on the basis of this subculture.

Staunch followers of this fashion line mimic characters from the Victorian era while others create their own individual costumes. Captain of the skies is a favorite among some instilling a mood of rebelliousness as well as mystery. If you are short of ideas on creating a costume, you could logon to the internet which portrays a myriad of ideas on the subject.

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So why not create a different look at your next costume party by sporting Steampunk Clothing, Victorian clothing, corset and goggles and a tophat!

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