War Machines from Mars

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This film is a short homage to War of the Worlds inspired art work from across the years. Examples of which, in some cases, can be found and purchased via the web?
Video Rating: 5 / 5

This sculpture was made entirely from found materials, mostly brass lamp parts and scrap aluminum. See more at www.nemomatic.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5



  1. @TheHALVAM-It’s “Alvim” Correa.

  2. I really like the photos at 1:56 and 2:00 they really set the war of the worlds feel the first one says war machine designed only for killing and that mankind is screwed against it and the second says grim farmers with what look like hats like this is nothing but harvest season for them which is what the tripods in the book are all about killing and harvesting humans.

  3. First rate, my dear chap, FIRST RATE.
    Do hope the book still holds a certain …chill.

  4. Fake, sir ? I must confess I am perplexed .

  5. Fake!!!!

  6. United Kingdom Finest.

  7. good video !
    but like the song of the album is called??
    It is known by me dokus!

  8. With roots in the past and eyes to the future, who sees more than he ?

  9. and furthermore, i can never look at a water-tower the same way ever again… when i do, all i see is a martian walker.

  10. i first saw the 53 version when i was five… i read the original story when i was 7… i heard the jeff wayne musical version when i was 8– (and memorized it)… and since then, i’ve seen all the rest… it’s my absolute favorite sci-fi story, and i can never get enough of these artistic interpretations throughout the years… i guess i’m also from a bygone age, eh?

  11. Thank you, (actually I’m from a bygone age.)

  12. dude, this is beautiful… i especially appreciate how you stuck to an older-style format… it really gives it that sense of bygone age.

  13. My favorite drawings are those made by Alvin Correa.

    BTW, I like the music it fits perfectly with the video.

  14. @reddalek555
    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your comment. Yes the muisc is in fact ‘the Goblins’ and may even be downloaded via the interface on You Tube.

  15. Wonderful video, is the music from the movie: “Legend”? That was an… interesting film.

  16. Be Creative, one never knows when all this technology will end and it’s back to pencil & paper ?

  17. yeah i know but that didnt happen in the original book.

  18. I know, but if you watch for a certain scene in Steven Speilberg’s War of the Worlds, you see the Martians in a basement messing around with a bicycle tire, most likely confused…

  19. H.g well chose 3 legged machines to show they are alien and also because tripods are designed for uneven ground.

  20. Funny how the Martians had never quite caught on to the concept of the wheel.

  21. love the style of this one