Vintage Tomorrows — What Can Playing With the Past Teach Us About the Future?

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Vintage Tomorrows — What Can Playing With the Past Teach Us About the Future?

Trailer for the coming future casting documentary “Vintage Tomorrows” about what Steampunk can teach us about the future.
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  1. Neat! That’s one of our Datamancer Keyboards at 0:56

  2. Steampunk arose from the Cyberpunk as a sub genera to Cyberpunk. Now, Steampunk has a larger following then Cyberpunk. and as @rockorsario said, it is sad.

    The hope for a better future is gone. No longer are we longing for the future…

    I am rely too young, 24, to even consider my self as a part of the Cyberpunker. I just found it to late.

  3. I am a steampunk performer but Charles Stross is my favorite author, so, word.

  4. holy shit my friend is in this

  5. Those are my fashions and my models on the runway!!! I didn’t even know!!

  6. interesting

  7. Very cool gizmos!

  8. I just saw the screening at NYCC and found a lot of intriguing information about the Steam Punk movement. This is a well thought out documentary and I really enjoyed it.

  9. Why don’t we just look forward to look forward?

  10. Look forward to the full doc.

    side note, All worldwide steampunk fans ought to learn to speak in the Queens English. Discuss ;)

  11. Looks really awsome guys. 

  12. Check out Gear Con, where a lot of this footage was taken, at pdxgearcon

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  14. @rocksario: a good portion of the people featured in this trailer are writers for the massive literature movement of steampunk. So yep, dying right out.

  15. Hey, I just read a novel that featured a grand Doble steamer as the last surviving car on earth.. Beautiful written about a civilization gone wrong, where people squashed technology to return to the dark ages, and the band of freaks who are determined to get off that dying world to think up and inhabit a new, fresh one. Beautifully written, great characters, even a dog. I got it on Amazon. Name is EM’S WHEEL, author Kris Heywood. Good read.

  16. There IS a rising culture of Steampunk literature out there. Some of it is YA, and some is adult fiction… you just have to look for it.

  17. I’m so ready for this!

  18. I envy steampunk guys, cuz i’m a cyberpunk fan, but the cyberpunk style was deformed and corrupted without the original ideology by those stupid kids just dressing in plastic and dancing electronic music, they forgot what cyberpunk ideology was. it was literature, now it is a dead genere. while steampunk is getting stronger, but without a strong literature suporting it it is going to die soon.

  19. can’t wait!

  20. What is the music used in this?

  21. This looks excellent. The people interviewed (I recognize many of them) are all deeply involved in Steampuink and give very articulate explanations of the world it imagines.

  22. BioShock Look BTW ….

    Intel Rules