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Steampunk Jewelry : Daniel Proulx, a steampunk jewelry designer, introduces the fantastic story behind his creations . You can also see my creations at The Museum of the History of Science, Oxford University
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here is wickedly cool design that is fun to do with eyeballs and veins… an industrial and steampunk flair that will add to any victorian costume ball to learn set on a beautiful gunmetal gray background. please show your friends who will love these and SUBSCRIBE to my channel to see new uploads EVERY monday, wednesday and friday! http



  1. 2:15 made me jump outa my skin! Creepiness!

  2. Ive been looking all over for certain rings that are not being sold on etsy. how can I order ones that are advertised but not available on etsy?

  3. I love this video, verrrrry well done.

  4. , Je vends seulement sur ETSY !

  5. Autre que par Etsy est-ce que vous avec un shop à Montréal ou ailleurs au Québec ?

  6. hhahah, this is really great- especially the beginning. ^_^

  7. A: sweet mask
    3: how do you pronounce your last name?

  8. concrats dear sir this video is very well produced

  9. Great video and amazing steam. 5*s

  10. wow! vos bijous sont super beau! hey, je voulais savoir, avez-vous une boutiques a montréal et si oui, c’est où?
    félicitation encore!

  11. Esque l’usine abandonner en question c’est Geo Reed? Es rendu pas mal run-down depuis je suis aller, damn…
    Tres beau video entk!

  12. very cool video!

  13. Awesome Video, VERY creative, I love your jewelry too :) )

  14. hey do u get the arylic paint at? please tell not just thru and link..thanks

  15. lol…i love this design……….LOLOLOLOL :) :)

  16. OH MY GOD, THEY’RE FABULOUS! So creepy… and it always feels like someone’s watching you. LOL Bum dum bum tsh! lol

  17. i love a beautiful tattoo……and i apprenticed and had a shop with the best tattooists in vegas….but, i tried and tried and i do beautiful tattoos….i do, but it just wasnt for me……….i felt sad…like, i was branding people and putting them in pain and giving them art they might regret messed with my head..i had too much of a conscious! hahahahahah it plagued me at night *laughing hard* so? i had to just face it wasnt for me…lololol i gave it a hearty go!!!!

  18. …you worked at a tattoo shop…that is so awesome. I don’t have any tattoos, but I am ALWAYS interested and fascinated by a beautiful well thought out, elaborate tattoo and ask the person wearing it if I can see it (yeah, well as long as it isn’t under their undies, hehe)…and is it a work in progress… It’s all art, isn’t it? You’ were creative to adapt to your environment. You’re the best!!!

  19. @BatsOnFire thank you so much, your name is so cute!!! i want to paint it :) lololol

  20. perhaps not….but for halloween you will be the hit of the day!!!!

  21. awesome!!! ;) 

  22. This looks so fun!! I doubt my mom would appreciate this though, lol. Or the hospital I volunteer at…

  23. Heading to your blog …. !

  24. haha…thank you! :) i did some fun weird ones today…im thinking manic monday theme or! :)

  25. hi keana!! thank you so much! :)

  26. Wicked!