Victorian Steampunk Costume Ideas

Posted by on Mar 22, 2013 in Videos | 2 comments

Going to sew the Simplicity pattern #2172 for this years Halloween costume. Here is a link to the skirt tutorial…
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Ok, so maybe it doesn’t operate by steam and a bit of elbow grease is needed instead. But tell me that’s not Steampunk? :) Love the exposed gears! As seen in…
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  1. I am actually just about to finish making the skirt with purple broadcloth. Even following the youtube tutorial I posted in the description of this video, I still messed up a little, but I think it’s turning out good anyway. It was really hard to make. Haven’t gotten to the jacket or bustier yet. Not sure if I’m going to make an actual corset or just the bustier, or use a corset I already have. Will show it all off in future videos : )

  2. how did this work for you? i found the 3 part jacket w/pocket part confusing. the corset was interesting to make with a zipper, i think i would make it so it laced in back instead of the zipper. I actually had the skirt made from another pattern 3 years ago and made the jacket out of the left over fabric. I used burnt red taffeta, and the blk/wht striped corset.