Victorian Picnic at Wave Gothic Treffen 2011

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Victorian Picnic at Wave Gothic Treffen 2011

Viona’s Victorian/Steampunk Picnic (Viktorianisches Picknick) at Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig, Germany on June 10, 2011.



  1. I wish I could afford clothes like that! I’d wear them every day! Lol

  2. i love they way they dress

  3. 2*

  4. My heart melted at 1.06 those 3 guys are soooo! Gorgeous! -3

  5. Please come to America specifically California Los Angeles

  6. I wish we had something this good in California.

  7. That looked so completely awesome! great video!

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  9. Interesting….. very interesting. Uhm, those girls with just the panties under the see through hoop? Crazy, just crazy.

  10. I would love to go to this

  11. extravaganza

  12. Woah O.o this is awesome :3

  13. The lady on the bicycle is just like “wtf is going on?”

  14. Who ever says that this looks like lady gaga or looks “gaga” please, no just no. Thank you

  15. The creativity and attention to detail is unparallelled. I’m blown away. 

  16. Everyone looks so lovely <3