Viaduct Designer Walkthrough Levels 6 – 10

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Play Here: Unique action puzzle game in steampunk style. Design bridge, deliver cargo.

Engine no 9, Basilica After the challenge to build a double hot air engine I started to build a model with four hot air engines. The result is no 9. It has 4 displacer bodies and 2 double working power cylinders. The lower part of each power cylinder is used for the left displacer and the upper part is used for the right displacer. The right and left displacer in the front of the engine have been aligned 180 degrees in relation to each other by means of a balance arm. This balance arm is displaced via a rod by a crank which is shifted 90 degrees in relation to the power piston eccentric. The power eccentrics at the front and back have been set at 90 degrees to each other. This creates an even load on the four hot air engines working at 90 degrees. The result is a hot air engine that runs quietly. In spite of the friction of the bearings of the power eccentrics and the heavy bronze flywheel of approximately 3.5 kg the engine is still able to run the flywheel very slowly. It required great attention to detail to run this big engine on tea-warmers because there are quite a number of friction points. This engine was also built of materials found at the scrap yard. In addition I used more brass and bronze to achieve a good cooling system so that the engine could run for eight hours on only 4 tea-warmers during an exhibition day. The engine and the cooling plates are made of segments from a big bronze flange. I have paid great attention to the design to create a beautiful and



  1. yeah same here but i modified it 2 little support beams and it was stable

  2. mine lvl 10 breaks apart before i even set a wheel on it

  3. I occasionally come back to see these machines, and listen specifically to this music. And in these years, I haven’t yet found what music this one was! PLEASE Mr DeVink!! Please!!! What music is this?

  4. What is the music called? What’s it from?

  5. Wait… Are you telling me this (beautiful looking) machine is powered by the levitating heat of 4 candle lights??

  6. Beautiful machine. You should be very proud.

  7. That… is… incredibly awesome. It’s beautiful, you should be proud.

    Could you please tell me what font you used in the intro title?

  8. Why use it to replace fossil fuels? Use it *with* fossil fuels.

  9. I agree. If nothing else, we can build tankers and haul more hydrocarbon compounds in from Titan. All it takes is imagination and willpower.

  10. I would imagine the cylinders pump air into the candle encasement.

  11. how do the candles get air if they’re in those glass containers?

  12. Master Debaters, lay down your arguements and just appreciate this beautiful artwork and engineering.

  13. The issue is not so much the lack of oil, it is the harmful effects that come from burning it. If you have ever been to LA and seen how thick the smog gets, you know what i mean. It is disgusting and cannot be good for the environment. Besides, steam power is amazingly powerful. One steam locomotive (which is technology from more than half a century ago) can do the same amount of work as 4 diesel engines.

  14. instead of candles- use a lens to focus sunlight into the jar

  15. I know that is was i meant when i said wat i said.