Vernian Process – March of the Steamknights

Posted by on Dec 30, 2012 in Videos | 23 comments

This is a video for my cover of Sergei Prokofiev’s Dance Of The Knights from Romeo and Juliet. Obviously I’ve tweaked the song to fit my own Steampunky ends, and set the music to the short animated film “A Gentlemen’s Duel”.



  1. love the steampunk music keep it up

  2. this is the apprentice theme

  3. The Balls….sorry …the boobs are inert.

  4. That was one lucky butler.

  5. and all this for one thing: boobies

  6. the video reminds me of warmachine..

  7. this is probably… no definitely the only band awesome enough to cover prokofiev :D

  8. ah steam punk… towards the future, yet still grounded or experimental. perfect ^.^

  9. excelent steam mix of Romeo & Julieta  Prokoviev


  11. Battle mech’s. Powered by steam. With epic music in the background. moar

  12. Greetings.
    My name is Apricity Korpitalvi, Chief Officer of Medicine aboard the airship Asylum of Science.
    We’d love to make a request of a musician as yourself for a ship anthem.
    You can contact me through youtube if youre interested.
    Thank you,
    AoS Chief Officer of Medicine, Apricity Korpitalvi

  13. prokofiev still takes the cake on this one. cool vid though!

  14. The beat sounds like some thing I’ve hear before but I can’t place it what is it?

  15. there were actual voices and they replaced with their music.

  16.  Glad I could amuse….

  17. Whether this is true or not, this just made my day.

  18. Those guys really just need to go get a room. Maybe they can use her as a prop. But obviously they’re mostly interested in EACH OTHER.

  19. Positively splendid!

  20. This give me chills i don’t know why.

  21. Very nice. Quite comical. I daresay I found it most entertaining.

  22. nice song great remix of a classic very nicely done

  23. This is fantastic!!!! I love that piece of music anyway but now it sounds even more dramatic!