Vernian Process – Behold the Machine (official LP Mix)

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Vernian Process – Behold the Machine (official LP Mix)

Track #1 from our album Behold the Machine. The album can be purchased directly from or from CDBaby, itunes, Amazon, or DigStation. The album artwork was created by our good friend Myke Amend. http
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  1. And I was looking for a steampunk band FOR AGES. I found it. I can die peacefully now.

  2. Society

  3. ;) 

  4. Can’t get enough of this song. Love the mechanic sounds, the vocals..everything, this genre is completely different from any other!

  5. Hell yeah, this world needs more steampunk music. Something that actually does sound like steampunk. I tried listening to Abney Park before and was really disappointed. Then I found Vernian Process. Damn good stuff.

  6. For me “the machine” is a metaphor to represent the current economic system. But hey, that’s just my interpretation…

  7. oh my god…

  8. after hearing only two songs, I have already bought all the music amazon had to offer :) make more!

  9. it is

  10. Some sort of a gigantic and completely incomprehensible contraption that looks like someone decided to use old, rusty factories as LEGO blocks.

  11. That would be an honor! If we get a clip with good sound quality, well put it on youtube for sure! We play the 2nd July.

  12. The sound of a mechanic army marching in the background to the beat would be awsome :)

  13. Thank you!

  14. Actually, I’d be delighted to see video or hear a recording of it. We can even feature on our page :) Have fun playing it!!

  15. Thank you very much!

  16. Hahaha thanks! =)

  17. Yeah that would be rad. Go for it!

  18. On this specific album, I’d say Steampunk inspired Darkwave/Prog-Rock/Post-Punk is an apt description.

  19. How do you classify your style? iTunes genres are a bit broad sometimes.

  20. I kept listening to the instrumental versions that I had stumbled onto before actually listening to the songs with lyrics because i was afraid the lyrics wouldn’t be as good. I am sorely sorry for doubting you guys. Subscribed.