Vampire Hunting Kit

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Vampire Hunting Kit

Look inside an authentic 19th century reproduction of a Vampire Hunting Kit. Brought to you by the curious workshop of The Green Dragon. Please note that the description says reproduction. I built the kit and filled it with genuine antiques as well as antique reproductions. I will be happy to answer any questions you have concerning the authenticity of each item.



  1. Uhhhhh. No. You can literally kill a Vampire with a tree limb. Just crawl in a tomb and hibernate for a while. It will be fine.

  2. @thelittlesthobbit well great you should take it down it could fall.into wrong hands

  3. I really hope I don’t meet you.  I would rap your knuckles with a cane for living this long with 3rd world english skills. I’m sure you’re quite cursed enough.

  4. It’s on Ebay right now.

  5. i really hope i don’t meet this women she know nothing about being a vampire vampires need blood to live and we didnt ask for the curse its given

  6. were can I get one? And how much was it?

  7. got a demonic kit

  8. So how do you open it?

  9. dude this is awesome!
    I would like to see you perhaps make a werewolf hunting kit, or maybe a modern reproduction of the vampire kit!

  10. Very cool I would love a kit like that

  11. Though this has been discussed previously… let me say again, it is an antique reproduction that utilizes weapons from a particular time period. If I wanted to make a modern kit it would certainly be very different. As it is, this was a choice I made using traditional tools and devices. I invite you to create a modern kit yourself since you have so much to say about it!

  12. For that, you can get a pistol. I didn’t want one in the kit.

  13. Wonderful sarcasm!! The kit is for storage. If you’re actually hunting vampires and you don’t have the essential tools at hand or on your person, that is your own ignorance.

  14. That’s why the kit includes a sword for decapitation. :-)

  15. From a church, I asked for it.