Toy Watch: An Excellent Unisex Watch and a Great Value

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Article by Gina Kay

Toy Watch: An Excellent Unisex Watch and a Great Value – Shopping – Jewelry

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With their light trendy tints as well as feminine personality we sometimes assume that Jelly Watches are marketed exclusively to young women. Truly, most guys wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the Casio Baby-G in it’s girlie transparent pink shade. Having said that you will find some excellent styles suitable for Guys and Gals. One of my fave companies with some magnificent Unisex Jelly Watches is Toy Watch. Most of us are attempting to squeeze our fashion funds as of late so for folks interested in adding some pleasing and sporty style to their attire for a affordable price, this amazing Toy Watch line is a wonderful choice.I began following this brand with the Toy Watch Naked Line a steampunk looking model with fascinating transparent designs. I’m interested in kinetic goings on and this design from two years ago grabbed my attention. The innovative new line dubbed is less pricey coming in with a list price of $ 175.00. For the affordable price, the jelly watches available in this line are strong and have a somewhat timeless appearance hankering back to wristwatches of the 60s, particularly the Submariner. The readout is very crisp and clear and there is a nice magnifier over the date round the right of the face. The actual color picks are wide-ranging consisting of nine assorted watch colors and eight particular wrist strap colors. My beloved combos are black watch with yellow wrist strap and green watch with a appealing complimentary blue strap. For guys looking into amassing a collection of these Toy watch products, it’s easy to pop the watch out and combine using a completely different wrist strap. Collect them all and you will have 72 completely different color combinations to match any outfit and vibe; Feeling classy? sport black on black, looking for a way to brighten up the Christmas holidays? pop in a red watch and green band, attending a Jets game? how about a green watch together with white strap.Combined with the fun quality, an opportunity to combine a great number of great colors, a modern European style design on the dial and readout as well as the soft, resilient silicone material this unique line is undoubtedly a winner in my book!Toy Watch is definitely leading the way in this area. During the Baselworld 2011 watch show last month, there were lots of imitators jumping on this trend most notably another leader; Haurex. However, Toy Watch stays our absolute favorite for their fantastic and one of a kind styles.We have tons of reviews and interesting tidbits on this wonderful brand of wristwatches and everything Jelly Watch at Tune in and keep up with the best jelly watch designs.

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