TotalBiscuit as a HoN Hero – Steampunk Corrupted Disciple

Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Videos | 20 comments http TotalBiscuit has voice-acted a hero in HoN, the Steampunk Corrupted Disciple, an alt avatar available for the store.
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  1. I don’t even play HoN, but this is just brilliant!

  2. this makes its so worth it to play hon

  3. tgs podcast

  4. not cynical enough

  5. There is already a British gentleman announcer pack in Hon (but you probably already knew that)

  6. eh. they already have one brit.

  7. holy shit you are RIGHT

  8. I’m a ginger!!!

  9. Now I have to play HoN :O

  10. Yeah but Simon is kinda annoying after a while


  12. WTF TB did the tutorial voice for Savage 2?!?!!?! That’s crazy I was playing that game months before I even heard of TB! Mind=Blown

  13. If he were “playing with himself” then I would want opaque glasses….

  14. Riot is actually a lot worse. They’re not even putting effort in to the stuff they’re putting out for the community. At least S2 has days where they have insane discounts for people. Game is more balanced than Dota 2 itself, and I don’t really want to talk about LoL balance. Yes I play HoN, but I also played LoL and Dota 2. I might sound like a fanboy, but I’m not entirely happy with S2 myself. It’s a buisness, deal with it.They have to find ways to make money. It’s what buisnesses do.

  15. Vikings too good for ya, eh? xD

  16. Tb can’t handle Sweden.

  17. I support this

  18. Hon would be one of the best games and have a really good rep if it wasnt for s2. why cant s2 switch with riot games?? :3 All the players that play hon know that its the shitiest company . Why? Tournys are becoming extinct, Game is unbalanced, Fucked up shop prices (avatars used to be very cheap), f2p, ea, lots more. Reasons why pro players including me left hon.

  19. im buying him and learning hiim right now ._.

  20. if u think tb aint good voiceactor…just listen to jesses HoN one…that is so rediculous