Today’s Bride Bay Area: Steampunk Passion

Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 in Videos | 5 comments

19th century technology meets 21st century romance, leading us down-the-aisle to a whole new world of wedding themes and decor.
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  1. way to go Tanja and Tia

  2. Who shot this?  Andrew ?? It’s really great. (and I’m picky!)

  3. Ill miss Edison lamps when they outlaw them in 2014 *cries I thought this was America…

  4. Andrew did such an awesome job on this video; it’s impeccable!

  5. hey this crew really get it!!! The videographer should make movies full time!! Very nice work without looking to overdone!! Wish the Model would have recieved credit in the video….Kayla!!!! What am amazing being!!