Time Lapse Device

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This is a video of a mechanical time lapse device that can be attached to any digital camera to allow the camera to make the photos for a time lapse video. The video shows the design, construction and operation of the device. The video includes time lapse clips that were made using a prototype of the device. The device is made of brass and copper with steampunk design. I will be using this devise to make time lapse videos of my artwork in progress.
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San Diego Comic Con 2011 - #12 Madame Lautria Original Design Steampunk

Video of Entry 12, cosplay skit of Madame Lautria Original Design Steampunk performed at San Diego Comic Con 2011 . Filming credits to Jeff for www.acparadise.com (Permission granted) (Won Best Original Design) For the higher RESOLUTION version of this video, visit http For details on the convention, cosplayers and series, visit www.acparadise.com
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  1. Dang man that is super cool!

  2. lol Im not a metal sculpture :) -classic

  3. lol Im not a metal sculpture :) -classic

  4. Awesome steampunk device!

  5. Aren’t you clever!!! Pretty AND functional! Nicely done Uncle Ken! =)

  6. :O
    *jaw drops*
    I want to visit your house!!!
    and lol about the sculpture/sculptor thing.

  7. Brilliant. Want one.

  8. I need not only your skills, but your machine shop as well.