Thermionic Arachniometer ~ Steampunk Doohickey

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Full title: The Flashing Thermionic Bottle Repository Arachniometer. This is one of my crazy doohickeys I create, try and tell me I’m not a mad scientist now!!! Things its made from: Thermionic valves A millammeter Part of a sewing machine A liquid preserved black widow spider An old phone charger An LED running kit from maplin Fancy aligator clips with springs An old spice rack Some leather 2×4 Bit of old wood Many Many LEDs A potentiometer and a knob Old bottles [Wow this thing got over 300 veiws in just a few days! One of my most popular videos :) ]
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Time Machines TV

TV commercial for Time Machines: Robots, Rockets, and Steampunk. The exhibition runs from June 16 through October 28 at Shelburne Museum, Shelburne, Vermont.
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  1. before I begin I’d just like to say, fuck you, but then continue more civilized. I know they dont make these but OH WAIT, they totally still do make lots of thermionic valves, I’ll use them however I want, by the way they are easily removable from this device and are not impared by my modifications to allow them to light up with LED’s. I wont read any more of your replys because I’m pissed off, they will be deleted, good day.

  2. Would you and the rest of these Steampunk morons kindly LEAVE THE TUBES ( thermionic valves  for the British) ALONE?? Christ! they don’t make them any more and they DON”T belong on some crackpot contraption.

  3. That was absolutely great! What is that song?

  4. thankyou louie :D

  5. arrhhh it be awsome says i!!!
    joe your mad skills amaze me once again.

  6. Oh my god I think I just fell in love with this.
    I WANT TO SEE IT :3!!!
    It’s sexy and full of mad.