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Step inside the fantasy world of WarMachine & Warhammer 40k. The steampunk role playing games that are captivating hobby gamers around the world. Subscribe to our youtube channel: Buy our book! Follow us on Facebook Tweet us at: CREDITS Director, Creator, & Host: Erin Cantelo Producer: Christian Heuer Producer: Matt Pittman Editor: Connor Davis Cinematographer: Christian Sprenger Gaffer: Francisco Sonic Kim Sound Mixer/Boom Operator: Kevin Faber DIT: Tyler Owens Assistant Editor: Ian Webb Production Assistant: Andrew Grissom Featured: Travis Simpson Ryan Lucchesi Gintaras Valiulis Santino Valiulis Music: “Bflat theme” by Alastair Cameron, “In The Grounds of Hogwarts” by Alastair Cameron, “Vacío Estelar” by Los Cuatrocientos Golpes, “Arriving at the Magic Glade” by Alastair Cameron, “Spooky” by Alastair Cameron, “Spooky 2″ by Alastair Cameron, “Sunrise” by Alastair Cameron, “The Time To Run” by Dexter Britain, and “The Forlorn” by Starseed
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  1. 3:33 what about her? Also “hot” girls don’t get married, they just fuck for money.

  2. Check out the game Kingdom Death : Monsters . An amazing cooperative game set in a world where mankind is at the bottom of the food chain and must fight, innovate and build in order to survive the monsters that thirst for their flesh, souls and destruction. Check it out and if it suits your fancy pledge to the cause.

  3. i come with these dragons so…. figure it out. they’ll be back….

  4. i want to play the game O,..,O

  5. maybe there werent any that day or ever…

  6. Shame you couldn’t have got a girl on there as well, then you’d have dispelled all the myths. Nice vid though.

  7. I don’t care what anyone tells me, this game looks interesting and I want to play it.

  8. One of the expenses is due to people ‘min-maxing’ and a new rule-set launching that ‘ruins’ their play leading them to have to rebuild the army from scratch.

    Another expense: many kits have options to a particular model. If built normally it would end up costing triple, or more, to account for all the variations you can use. My brother magnetizes and pins many of his models to allow him to swap variants between games. So with one kit, he gains all versions, saving that money.

  9. 4:23 l5r!

  10. I’m loving this channel.

  11. and creativity, don’t forget creativity c:

  12. i feel like some magic the gathering

  13. I think that is crazy expensive (I also think video games are crazy expensive). I tried to collect those things when I was in highschool. $50-$60 is way more money than I ever had… Still I think it is cool. I mostly liked painting them. Also I like that these people own their nerdiness. It makes me think they are super cool.

  14. Good video! One of the most accurate portrayals of our hobby. Keep up the good work!

  15. Thank you! Excellent video!

    Miniature wargaming has so much to offer. There is the quiet alone hobby time just painting and assembling. It’s my way to relax after work and after the kids are asleep. There is the list building, trying to find the best combo’s to win games. Then there is the social aspect. Wargamers are the opposite of the stereotypical stay-at-home awkward nerd. We have to go out and talk to people face-to-face to play. Great way to make friends and have a good time.

  16. try some cheaper tabletops ;) and you always have some money to do a hobby :p its still a collectiing hobby, so you can buy 1 or 2 miniatures/tanks each month, and paint it before you buy a new one