The Watchmakers Apprentice by The Clockwork Quartet

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  1. Hi SteamPeople, I leave my art Steam thanks for your visit

  2. Sitting around at my workplace and somehow it is all flowing. Hot coffee and clockworks :) 

  3. The watch blew up while it was in his chest pocket. Though you would need one thick vest.

  4. It blew off the customer’s head, how could a bullet proof vest help with that?!

  5. That would be amazing!

  6. Thats not blackmail, that’s just revenge

  7. Genius.

  8. An apprentice was mad since his boss fired him he decided to blackmail his boss by sneaking into the workshop and modifying a pocket watch to make it explode and kill a customer… His bosses business was ruined and the apprentice got his revenge.

  9. ;-; you make me sad. good point though… They could wear bullet proof vests maybe? might help…. a bit.

  10. I’m pretty sure he made the watch explode….

  11. This is essentially the story of the man who invented the spring razor and hid one in a pocket watch.

  12. Takes a licking & keeps on ticking.

  13. I’m going to learn a waltz and have this as my first dance with my future husband.

  14. No, that’s pretty much was I thinking of. No apologies needed – you worded it better than I ever could! :D

  15. If you wind a pocket watch’s springs to tight and someone wound it again for time, at some point the springs wouldn’t be able to take the pressure and the watch would explode very violently. The fact that the watch is such a small thing and the springs are compressed would mean that if a watch were to explode in your front pocket, being even more compressed, it would send gears and chunks of metal through to your heart. Sorry for the lengthy explanation.

  16. ik right?

  17. Any chance you could put “Closer” up?

  18. I saw a grandfather clock explode once, it was incredible. It threw shrapnel all over the house, pieces were stuck in the wall 15 feet away. Mechanics should never work on clocks. :P

  19. Tightly-wound springs, if released, could move outwards violently and forcefully in a matter suggestive of a shrapnel bomb. Perhaps the final invention was somewhere between a bomb and something stabby?

  20. Oh god, I just remembered where I got my username.

  21. the hell?

  22. I’m not sure that he created a bomb exactly, just a means of getting to the gentleman’s heart. He mentions “a terrible strength in those tightly wound springs” so perhaps a concealed blade was involved too. The odd thing is though that the fob watch is often carried the lower waistcoat pocket, closer to the intestine or kidney than anything else.