The Three Musketeers 2011 Movie Review: Beyond The Trailer

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The Three Musketeers 2011 Movie Review. Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you the low-down on The Three Musketeers 2011 starring Milla Jovovich, Logan Lerman and Christoph Waltz, directed by Paul WS Anderson! Then get a review of The Three Musketeers 2011 from audiences fresh from the theater! Enjoy The Three Musketeers, the steampunk 3D version hitting theaters in 2011! Beyond The Trailer is associated with YouTube Next Lab.

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  1. How right you are!! I’m sad that The Man in the Iron Mask is so undervalued!

  2. I don’t understand that criticism from critics & fans. You ignore the main thing – this film is based on a short-lived comic book series about 3 musketeers that was released in the 90′s. I was not supposed to be like the original novel. That’s why we have so many ‘unrealistic’ action scenes, Milady-ninja etc. I personally love this film

  3. I think this movie was good. Yes, I expected more but it was decent and enough entertaining. I only disliked Logan Lerman’s D’Artagnan. I like Lerman but in this film he looked horrible. Anyway, Matthew Macfadyen, Milla Jovovich, Luke Evans, Ray Stevenson did a good job. Too bad, this movie wasn’t successful. They made an open final and its sequel would be better I think

  4. so far, yes…and one of the few films where you ever get to see a “musket”

  5. “…19th Century version of Alice..” Seriously, you are Way off by 200 Years…it’s supposed to be the 17th C.

  6. what are they puting in the popcorn weed and ridalin jesus christ these people are stupid.

  7. LOGAN LERMAN OMG <33333333

  8. If you are going to make a movie having to do with historical fencers please get a fight director who knows historical fencing. There are thousands of people who cringe at this movie poster depicting a fencer with his finger through the knuckle bow of his parrying dagger.

  9. In this version when D’artagnan meets the musketeers- they’re the ones who are the jerks and challenge him to a duel, but in the Chris O’ Donnell version he’s the one who’s the jerk and challenges them.

  10. Hate it, the most boring movie i ever watched! i fell sleep watching this movie,

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  12. This movie was almost like watchin a playthrough of a Final Fantasy game lol

  13. This movie is saved by Christopher Waltz, Milla Jovovich, Mads Mikkelson and Orlando Bloom who’s specific roles add a decent counterweight for the crappy acting of Stevenson, Lerman and that guy playing King Louis XIII.
    The movie is good entertainment for a lazy Sunday afternoon, but the airships, cool weaponry and nice clothing are not to match the original story where there is much more intrigue involved. Nice effort though.

  14. exercise is good :D

  15. which where the 3 original musketeers?

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  17. If anyone ever actually read the book, they’d know that they never said, “all for one and one for all”. I’m so confused as to where that cam from…

  18. I’ve checked out your videos. I love your building style! Very refreshing. I’ve got a lot of friends (or acquaintances) on the Koala Kraft server, so I was farmiliar with your name! Keep it up, I’m really glad I inspired you!

  19. Things like that are a product of practice and luck (:  Thanks for noticing!

  20. Great tutorial man! Seems more people are watching this than your usual fan base. Awesome!

  21. I’ve started to think of myself as a pretty decent builder, but this vid was both inspiring and a reality check. I have a long way to go. Great tutorial!

  22. You sound like an excellent candidate for architecture school.

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  24. True, nature always looks good

  25. Great job! Very entertaining and interesting!

  26. Step 6: Add bonemeal.

  27. At 10:45 it looks like the double slabs on the bridge are bulging out more then they are. Since it’s only an optical illusion, it isn’t intrusive. Really cool!

  28. $700 isn’t really that much for a laptop…

  29. Hopefully your birthday’ll keep getting further away then (;

  30. you have 415 subs, and my birthday is 4/15

  31. I always tend to go for symmetry for whatever reason. ADuelGet the lame ass I guess. :P

  32. Awesome tips. This is really helpful and I’m planning on putting to use a lot of the advice given within the tutorial. Although I’d wish they’d add more pink and purple blocks. No pun intended :P

  33. Thanks a lot! I was pretty nervous, as I’m not the most amazing builder in the world, but I thought I could share some things I’ve learned over the years and help out some new builders. Your support is really appreciated!

  34. 2,5 year old minecraft veteran speaking here, great video! Watched every single minute of it.

  35. Mog you just blew my mind

  36. Probably has a shit graphics card.. :/

  37. The white lines happen to me on a 700$ laptop

  38. well yeah … never got used to snapshots

  39. awesome