” the steampunk time machine ” Hot Air Engine

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‘The Steampunk Time Machine’ Hot Air Engine trailer ” Death of a shadow ” a film by Tom Van Avermaet www.facebook.com Inspired by the scientific instruments from The Museum of the History of Science of Oxford, I am proud to show this last evolution of my hobby “The Steampunk Time Machine”. This is a combination of two Ringbom engines, consisting of 2 cylinders, 2 displacers and 2 power cylinders . The two engines are working in accordance with the Ringbom system (the power pistons of power cylinders drive the oscillation of the displacers). These engines are also made with a balance spring to keep the weight of the displacer as low as possible so the engines can run on a tea-light or a 20W halogen bulb. It appears that it is very important for a Ringbom engine that the power piston and the displacer are shifted at a relative angle between 70° and 90°. As a matter of fact this holds for all Stirling engines. One engine drives the two rings and the brass ball in the center. The other engine drives the flywheel and the time disk. The time disk is divided in 12 segments of one century each . Every century is spited in four periods of 25 years. To choose the period on the disk of the time machine, the puppets have to release the brake until the specific period appears. II have also tried to give this heavy object a beautiful elegant shape, regarding it as Steampunk Art, with the movement in the center . In order to position this time machine in the universum, it rotates on



  1. Prachtig, erg veel respect voor uw werk. is deze te koop? of zijn er instructies om er een zelf te bouwen?

  2. I want to make one! Where do I start?

  3. ¸.·’★¸.·’★*·~-.¸-(★  Fascinerend ★)-,.-~*¸.·’★¸.·’★

  4. Outstanding!

  5. Free Energy??

  6. So what we need is some sort of stabilizer! I suggest using a type of plastic strip, possibly sticky, but only on one side. It would be grey of course, and to be space efficient it will be rolled up. I shall call it … Duct Tape!!! nah … that’s a stupid name. Forget I said anything.

  7. well, it wont be very stable, if you say that lie is a lie you will confront a paradox and it just will make universe.exe stopping responding so you will need to restart all over again…

  8. A monsieur Jos de Vink ! je tiens a vous félicitez pour le travail remarquable que vous faites en construisant ces belles machines et je partage fortement tous les belles machines que vous venez de fabriquez et je vous accorde en tant grand admirateur de la belle mécanique ainsi que de tes belles chef d’eouvre le tire du grand génie bravo monsieur jos de vink 

  9. i would make love to that beauty of a contraption

  10. Exquisite.

  11. its too beautiful to be real


  13. I saw this motor last Sunday on the Steampunk exhibit. It’s much bigger than I initially thought. Wonderful machine.