The Steampunk Song

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Chances are you’ve never heard of the genre “steampunk” or you’re already obsessed with it. Either way, I hope you enjoy this little ditty I wrote about it! You know you wanna wear a Victorian era vest and a cape or a gown and tiara with a green mohawk and gloves that rock a utility belt, goggles and a pocket clock Where the trains are ‘chuggin There ain’t no plug-ins You’d better watch out or you might get stuck in a dragon’s nest or a temporal vortex Yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout steampunk a mix between a period piece and a sci-fi/fantasy They only have steam, or so it seems ’cause they also have advanced machines Yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout protest It’s more than a genre to me It’s a whole lifestyle can’t ya see that I’m a steampunk on and off the screen I see a robot, a wizard and a big, mean lizard like the past met the future but the present got scissor’d I hate the way we live today Yeah, I dream about tomorrow and yesterday Oh, my heart is achin’ for the path not taken I see a jetpack and my knees start shakin’ Call it a pipedream but I love pipes! And dreams! Yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout steampunk It’s really retro, but at the same time it’s also techno HG Wells did it pretty well Jules Verne was great as hell Yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout Star Wars and Final Fantasy Six I gotta find me a steampunk chick so we can make the make-believe come true (steamy, punkass solo) So, if you’ve objections to modern inventions and long for a world that went a different direction then you should

This is a series that I hope do to at least once a week where I show off a random mod! This week’s mod is Steampunk Airship by Pchan3 (along with the steampunk texturepack from Glimmar) Pchan3′s Airship Mod: Glimmar’s Texture Pack:
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  1. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. xD

  2. good song, steampunk will live on for a long time my friend :)

  3. Ach! SO CLOSE! Loved it…. then you mentioned Star Wars. It’s awesome, I’m a fan, but it’s NO STEAMPUNK!!!  Otherwise, kinda love it. I’ll send love your way, mate!

  4. This so amazing! These lyrics are great! :) Love!

  5. lol thats sick!

  6. It hurts so much to miss you. RIP Erik

  7. For doing this I am now obligated to say: “I freaking love you for doing this~”

  8. i love steampukn. And the aewsome thing is , is that if everyone who loves steampunk get stuff out there that is steampunk and functional, we may be able to createe a world where steampukn os more mainstream than whatever you call the way we live today.

  9. GM, BM, Em, Dm, CM, GM, AM, DM. It’s pretty much the same for the chorus, too, except I throw in an Em at the end — just to steam things up.

  10. Brilliant! Could you post the chord progression?

  11. Yeah steampunks are the new hippies ^^ Nice song

  12. do u know an andrew verger?

  13. Cute dude and cute song.
    This is incredibly amusing lol although I will admit your voice falters here and there but nothing to make the song not enjoyable.
    Sheet music yes? pwease?!

  14. My friggin life right here. Lmfao.

  15. that is amazingly hilarious!hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  16. i say you should just get a better microphone and do a whole awesome music video for this ^-^

  17. Great song, but to be blunt work on your voice…… that’s the only thing really…. not trying to be rude, but yea…….

  18. So…true. 0.0
    I’m speechless.

  19. This is EPICALLY AWESOME!! :D Stay Steampunk my friend! :D

  20. great stuff – hope you do not object if I Share it elsewhere

  21. PLEASE please please put the sheet music up for this

  22. encore!

  23. I can’t find the words to describe how amazing this song/video is! will def. re-post everywhere I can. Way to go! :D 

  24. this made me so happy hahahaha :D

  25. gz, you got 1 point for shamelessly advertising a completely unrelated video

  26. you are AWESOME imo. you should see the new lorhk video about toilet paper
    its soooooo awesommeeeeee take note of the art guy hes da bees knees

  27. the link to the mod page is in the description -.-
    people like you should not be allowed internet access imo…

  28. hey where can i dowload this/ how do i install it/ this video is FAKEEEEEEEEE

  29. How do you put the fuel in it?

  30. Im a potato

  31. It won’t work for me

  32. can you please tell me how to go to the plane invantory? i need to get in it

  33. He is using mc 1.4. The seed wont be the same in mc 1.2.5

  34. @Lorhk what is the seed for this world?

  35. when u land can you use it again or does it break

  36. is this mod compatible with powercraft?

  37. You got the seed for that awesome world?

  38. not really, i just wanted to try it out… bad idea.

  39. good for you, do you expect a like on your comment now?

  40. i typed with my nose.

  41. damn it i really wanted that high five at the end :/

  42. WASD or whatever your movement keys are

  43. what are the controls please? i can fly it around and stuff i just cant use mah arrows cos i dont know the button

  44. hahaha that is the world where you fell of the boat and did survival i know it because i did see the big rock at 2:30 and pls dont stop makeing videos i love them

  45. go to the steam-craft website and under the airship page there is a download link

  46. ok so I downloaded modloader and the airship mod “correctly” and everything runs fine. I can craft an engine and balloon but when I put it all together…nothing! Anyone have any ideas?