The Steampunk Princess Aria

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The Steampunk Princess Aria

PREPARE FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT! So, this piece was a toughy, as it was already minor and already had some interesting harmonies in it… WHAT DO? I asked myself… So, I messed with some of the harmonies, orchestration and so on… And I decided that I really liked the whole ‘ethereal princess’ sound I kept getting, so this is a mix and match between a lovely princess and her sinister true self! Things I learnt: 1) I suck at mixing 2) No matter how much I want it, a Harpsichord just can’t keep a melody strong under big orchestrations. 3) It turns out there’s a trumpet patch I totally missed that adds real portamentos…HANDY! Anyway, a thank you to Pustulio for finding the MIDI for me and this guy for actually making it! THANKS! Pictures: 1) Espeh: 2) NastyLady: 3) JadeMikuMiku: 4) Jamey4: 5) DagMlp: DOWNLOAD: ALSO, because it was requested, a .zip of the score/MIDI/MIDI of the original! PS Can anyone else hear a drip at the end of the song? WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM???
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  1. You got the steampunk style down very well! The combination of classic Victorian instruments and metallic clinking is perfect!


  3. well the 3d arn’t that bad.

  4. i liked the disney movies from the old times more then the ones we have now, more soul, nowadays i see feelingless ghouls walking across the screen in hd, would have rather saved my money

  5. this kinda reminds me of final fantasy

  6. Its like the imaginations of people from the Victorian era of what the future would be like. Its pretty popular and cool looking.

  7. Ok, Ok. I finally got my issues with no computer access or printer taken care of, and I’m back. xD I’ve started working on the score, and I hope to convince the band directors to let us play it this spring. :)

  8. sound like a crazy disney movie :o ya know the classic ones.

  9. :D 

  10. I love this stuff. MLP and Steampunk are two of my favorite things and now they exist together (if only musically). Thank you for this. /)


  12. nooooo

  13. Ah, fair enough. I do vectors and I get extremely pissed off when I see vector ‘artists’ overreact to other people using their stuff. Dear God, vectoring is basically taking a screenshot and tracing over it… hardly anything difficult (unless it’s a whole scene).

  14. As per stated, her anger was based on a different video and not my own! I don’t know if she even knows about this one, but it doesn’t matter!

  15. Wait. Sorry what? The artist of the first picture? The ‘vector’ with the jagged edges? Perhaps s/he is mad because you showed the picture to more people…?