The sky pirates of VladislausDantes

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I am a fan of steampunk and was wowed by the work of young artist VladisluasDantes. And so I have made this slideshow depicing Infamous aireal pirate, Capt Vincent Mycroft Dantes Esq and the crew of HMS Amarant
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  1. Exactly! Thank you for putting it into words.

  2. The pics are nice though.

  3. Well, it all would be nice if I didn’t know the Pirates of the Carribean soundtrack all too well.

    As far as my soundrack CD’s go – the beginning of the video is the middle part of ‘Fog Bound’ and the other half is the track called ‘He’s a Pirate’ (both from the Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl OST).

    A true sky pirate would say to this: ‘Sea pirates! Pffft!’

  4. From what I’ve observed, this is what sets steampunk apart from the “scenes” and subcultures it tends to be lumped together with — the talent, intellect, and rampant creativity of the participants. Anyone can buy cyber-dreads and some of those fuzzy platform boots, but this stuff — DAMN!

  5. Im planning on going to my first steampunk convention soon, and I think Ill be an air pirate. This video is a great inspiration.

  6. Looks pretty cool i like that steampunkstyle, creating cool stuff^^

  7. what has pirates of carribean got to do with steam punk

  8. Those were called privateers.

  9. They were privateers carrying Letters of Marque from what ever country they were working for to harrass enemy shipping. They were alowed to keep what they stole as payment.

  10. haha i absolutly love that guy :D

  11. Privateers….and yes, I’ve already found you. Need to get off this lousy Swing shift so I can get to events…

  12. Wow!

  13. I’m trying to organize a steampunk convention in Louisiana… it would be so much fun! These costumes are inspiring indeed and mine is well underway.

  14. Its From Disneys Pirates of the Car.

  15. I may not be ANYWHERE near this crew…But Dr Jaquline Pratt of the RMS Horrifius is amazing!

    …and hes hot. Just saying.

  16. Sky pirates? Frightful stuff! And so well armed as well!

    I surrender!

  17. It’s an, ahem, “Aetheric Beam Generator”. I quote directly from his Deviant Art:

    “This device generates energy for the two shoulder mounted Ætheric Beam Cannons. These weapons are suitable for twarting spectral foes as well as physical ones.”


    Could it be considered stalkerish that I try to find this guy on the internet as much as possible, just because he and the rest of his “crew” happen to be the epitome of steampunk awesomness?

  18. Sky Privateers perchance??

  19. Maby they are mutineers?

  20. Sky PIRATES?! How can pirates have a naval vessel? HMS=Her Majesty’s Ship. LOL!! Cool stuff! Still trying to find steampunks in Seattle…

  21. Lol, awesome. And nice pick of music, too. XD