The Maroon Machine – Steampunk Mod Contest Entry

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 18 comments

Main thread: Please excuse my screen recorder spazzing out under lag.
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  1. Epää

  2. Toomanyitems mod

  3. Nice hogs.

  4. And can you please tell me how to make a mod like this if you can’t that’s fine

  5. Can you please tell me when this updates if you can that would be great

  6. and do you? (the motorcycle wasn’t very steampunk-ish imo altho it was ok)

  7. how do u get off the bike? i’m stuck -.-

  8. omg 1 mile to the F,ing gallon geezzzzz that’s a coal eater

  9. NICE !!! … hmm .. have you ever considered making an airplane ? A J3 Piper Cub would be awesome to fly around and survey the map with. It might also be fun to fly and dog fight with other players in a PVP setting. Even drop bombs on bases.

  10. Then you just don’t know the meaning of steampunk.

  11. hey y isnt it working im trying right now on minecraft

  12. doesn’t matter what it was inspired by. If you referenced something too, that just means that both are not close to steam punk. Learn it guys.

  13. I think you should just make it slightly more “blocky”

  14. omg you ran over a piggu how could u :) 

  15. Why would it explode if it runs on steam?

  16. i hope you win

  17. lol-mobs will get hurt if you ram them hard enough

  18. 4:36 :D