The Making of a Book Cover: BLAMELESS, by Gail Carriger

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The Making of a Book Cover: BLAMELESS, by Gail Carriger

See how a book cover gets made in just 2 minutes! Visit and http for more.
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  1. This was cool to watch! Thanks for the video.

  2. “Being a fine artist is easy. Graphic design is hard. You actually have to answer to a client and be a problem solver.”

    That’s one of the silliest things I’ve seen in a while.

  3. Nice…Wondering what the soundtrack is…

  4. its great to design a book cover using photoshop, what i’ve seen give me more inspiration to came out with a great design! (if client give more time though). I do have my cover design gallery on squidoo at choose-the-book-cover . But most of my book cover design done using Adobe Illustrator and stock imagery.

  5. I took tons of pictures with my digital camera.. they are all owned and copyrighted to me. I sent about 300 pictures in to some school art project where they were all welcome to use any of my pictures how they seen fit. there are people that would put photos online to some sites that are royalty free.. any other photo though that don’t state that it’s free for the taking is OFF LIMITS. the copyright belongs to the artist or photographer.

  6. i need to meet the person who made this

  7. iswydt

  8. I wish you send me pictures of livro.Tenho to recreate a book cover for a trial and liked that and I searched the whole net and not acho.Se you do for me I am grateful.

  9. This was too fast for me to learn anything

  10. Hehe, the crappily pasted in horse and carts on this cover have always bothered me, quite funny seeing those elements being done ( yes I’m a cover and PS geek, if there’s a mistake or poor job i’ll find it). Fascinating to watch but would have been great if this was a little slower so we could really see the work.

  11. WHAT MUSIC IS IT ? (pliz)

  12. I disagree. First off almost all packaging and advertising art work is produced in this way. Second there are very tight budgets on these projects, which means you have to be resourceful. This, after all, isn’t fine art it is graphic design. Not the same thing at all. Being a fine artist is easy. Graphic design is hard. You actually have to answer to a client and be a problem solver.

  13. oh, thanks man.

  14. Layers, dude. The cloud and the cityscape were on separate layers. He had the cityscape selected, deleted the tower, and you saw the clouds appear. The clouds are on a layer behind the cityscape.

  15. Someone can explain how he do that at 1:30? How do you remove things and let the background?

  16. I don’t know why some posters are stressing out about the Eiffel Tower being removed – IT HADN’T BEEN BUILT YET!

    As to the actual video, the only thing missing was a time code to show how many hours (days?) The actual composition took. A fascinating insight into a rarely thought about craft.

    But why the goofy titles fonts?

  17. Oh my God, that gargoyle looks just like the gargoyle on the cover of The Outlaw Demon Wails by Kim Harrison.

  18. Very cool :) What is the music ? It works really well.

  19. Amazing.

  20. I really liked this. It was fun watching someone else do everything I just basically learned in my graphic design classes at college. Thanks for posting!

  21. What are the fonts used here?

  22. you are amazing.

  23. Photoshop honeybun

  24. This is way cool.

  25. Knowledge.