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Sian Lloyd hosts the show where three top cake makers battle it out to win the heart of a bride to be by creating her the most over the top, extravagant one-off cake for her big day. In this episode top designers from The Little Venice Cake Company, Venus Cakes and Purita Hyam bake a one off creation in an attempt to win over bride to be Clare Bolton who is planning a vintage steam punk wedding. For more info about everything to do with your Wedding visit: Our Website: Facebook Page Follow WeddingTV on Twitter: @WeddingTVUK. Watch: SKY 266 Freesat 400

YAY November! Click here for GIVEAWAY info: Good bye October it’s time for November fun! Here’s some of my favorite things in beauty (AKA make-upand beauty goodies), accessory, food- yes my favorite snacks and drink of the month. If you missed my last video of “Blake Doing My Make-Up”- better than the “Boyfriend Make-Up” video, I think ha ha ha click here: Everything I mention in the video: My Pumpkin BEAUTY & MAKEUP FAVORITES: L’Oreal False Fiber Lash Mascara Plum Lip Liner from MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick (but they stopped selling it this summer…booooooo) Cherry Lipliner from MAC Urban Decay Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy Too Faced Make-Up bag with the Love Sweet Love Collection Costume National Shower Cream in Scent Gloss FAVORITE HAT & FUN STUFF: Steam Punk Hat (hee hee hee,I really didn’t wear this, it’s just funny!) Hanging and Stick-On Googly Eyes from Archie McPhee (I love these!) FAVORITE ACCESSORY: White and glitter lighting bolt earring RANDOM FAVORITE- Fabric Softener: (I can’t decide- I like these both) Down Unstoppables in Pink Scent Shimmer and Gain Fireworks in Sweet Sizzle FAVORITE FOOD AND SNACKS: Favorite Drink: Mama Chia Vitality Drink on Kiwi Lime Favorite Snack: Babybel Cheese Favorite Sweet Snack: Chocolate Chip Cookies with Three Twins Sea Salted Caramel Ice Cream GIVEAWAY: Illume Mulled Wine Reed Diffuser (it smells amazing, like a cozy day in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate!)
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  1. where did the corset buttons go ??????cant see them

  2. God Sian is the most annoying person in the world

  3. that lady likes chocolate :)

  4. The host woman needs to get the fuck out.

  5. I love cake # 3

  6. Regardless, thanks for uploading!

  7. Their voices really bored me. Not a very entertaining show. Also, who the heck blows on their cakes (and for all the world to see…?)!!!

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  9. “I don’t know how you made the choice, Claire” ….she’s fucking joking right? The other two cakes were shite ¬_¬

  10. the commercials are sooo bloody annoying!!!!

  11. that cake #3 is amazing!!!!!

  12. any more criticism?

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  14. My favorite smell is this yummy bomb candle from bath and body works, called Drum roll please….. French baguette.. It’s so delicious!!! I wanna lick the candle!! Haha no jk.

  15. Omgosh! crack me up! your bloopie dupes!..haha…so glad I found your channel!..Hands down my favorite Christmas smell is fresh pine!..every year we go to the tree farm and choose our tree & my hubs cuts it down! :)

  16. I love love love the smell of a fresh christmas tree. Like right when u bring it home & your whole living room fills with that wonderful christmas-y smell & you just can’t wait to make it sparkle!

    Oh & anything with those lovely fall spices, like gingerbread. Yuuummzzoooo. :)

  17. kandee did you know how much toxic chemicals on the fabric softener i say this because u r healthy person just worth looking into these toxin aka hoemone disruptors.

  18. check out my videos!(:

  19. I love the smell of cinnimon…and while I can appreciate a great fabric softener my addiction is FABREEZE! I have fabreeze everything (except the plug ins cause they freak me out after the email that says that plug in air freshners can burst into flames….wow long explaination….

  20. the walking dead

  21. watch revenge

  22. gingerbread cookies :)

  23. I love turkey for fall :’)

  24. Thata girl ,its about time…but im already doing something great with my life ,little do u know im a 15 year old …BYE

  25. You’re right, ebony, You win. No use this victory to go do something good with your life. Wish you all the best, girl!

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  27. Oh nooo! Not the duckface Kandee!

  28. Oh my gosh. Please Kandee, don’t tell me you’re one of those annoying instagram people that take photos and add crappy filters

  29. apple pie ;] my fave.

  30. You keep talking about me being obsessed but you are the one following me around youtube, trolling all of my comments. If you really didn’t care, you wouldn’t still be doing it. So please keep telling yourself you don’t give a fuck, while you send me another three comments about how awesome you are and how you don’t give a shit about what I say. Let it go, if you don’t give a shit, then stop.

  31. You did mention a perm, and white girls don’t have edges. I feel really, really sorry for you. You lack class and obviously an education, but it’s “your job” to tell people they look like a drag queen? You don’t really believe that. You are insecure and lacking in most areas of your life and you talk shit to people so you can feel better about yourself. Do yourself a favor and put your energy into maturing and doing something with your life.

  32. Super Duper Excited For Our Rooms To Smell The Same! Can’t Wait To Take A Big Wiff Of That Mulled Wine Reef Goodness! <3 You Kandee

  33. I’ve burnt my cheek and my arm (recently ) On my curling iron it hurts but both times were different and they looked different .

  34. I love all the marshmallows and marzipan my mum leaves in my stocking, and we try to be different so instead of turkey, goose, or chicken, we have duck, and it’s sooo goodxxx

  35. and i never disrespected anyone, i kept it 100 and gave the person you was obsessed with advice, you should be thanking me for that, i was telling her she wear too much makeup, i know when someone is wearing to much makeup its my job to tell that person because i go to school for makeup and yes im going to gtell that person the truth becausenobody else was…

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