The Final Frontier

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The Final Frontier

Despite the conclusions of cosmologists, space is *not* infinite. Nor, despite the claims of Hawkwind, is it deep.

Space is in fact a little over 12′x6′, with highly variable headroom. Into this cozy little plot of real estate I’ve had to lever both workspace and raw material storage.

I had to use a big lever.

Once again, workshop purists will surely be out for blood. Once again, let ‘em try.

The main section of bench began life as a door, again harvested from the Value Village dumpster. Yes, you *do* notice a trend emerging. I added the angled section, sheathed the whole thing in sheet steel, added a shelf and bin space at the back of it and cantilevered it off of the wall, which left lots of room for material racks underneath. The drill press, sander and band saw are on an industrial strength wheeled trolley from Capital Salvage that has a ton of storage shelving underneath.

I’ve suspended more rack from the ceiling and bunged pegboard everywhere else I could find find a wall stud. I cordoned off the shop area from the rest of the kitchen with that orange emergency fencing stuff, then realized how useful it was for hanging stuff from. More storage space. Cool.

Most of the time I can remember where everything is…