The Fall Steampunk Symposium Art Show

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 27 comments gets down and dirty at The Fall tattoo galleries Steampunk Symposium Art Show http
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here is a design i did for a hairdresser who loves the move edward scissorhands….pass it to everone you know who loves scissors and cutting things. :) much love and thanks http
Video Rating: 5 / 5



  1. where can i find the song??

  2. Chasing shadows – It was written. Paste this in the address bar: watch?v=9jDKyGKdImU

  3. song and artist of the video pls =) awesome video

  4. Great video

  5. Auug I wish I was there :(

  6. what brush did you use?

  7. Unusual and cool

  8. WOW

  9. um psyco??? lol but i love it :D

  10. heheheheheeh :) everyone needs a catch phrase eh? i didnt even realize i said it so much……it became a ‘thing’….:):):) thank you so much!

  11. Nice one!!!!!….DOT-DOT-DOT-DOT…hilariouse…LOLOLOLOLawesome look!


  12. me too piggo..if i could just do this genre, i would be super happy

  13. This is definitely one of my favorites (: I keep watching it over and over again, haha!

  14. thank you so so so much *huge hug* THAT will help me to retire and allow me to paint canvasses and do youtubes!!!! oh my gosh that would be soo dang cool…*i have my fingers crossed in this!!!*

  15. oh I am, When i am at work, people ask me all of the time about makeup, hair, and nails. I always tell them to watch my videos for makeup tips and tricks, but for nails I love the go on and on about how wonderful that you are!!

  16. @msmusicaltheatergeek :) thank you so much!

  17. haha! awesome!!! i hope they are a huge hit!!!!!! they crack me up when hairdressers wear them and are alllllways a great topic to get the group laughing :)

  18. perfect, i am so glad you like it!!! thank you! xoxoxoxoxox

  19. no worrys … : )

  20. I love YOU! :D 

  21. im a hairdresses so ill do this for sure!!

  22. I think I’m gonna do the french manicure part sometimes, it looks cool!

  23. :) :) i had it for hallowwen, but i had been so busy it got axed….so, since i do so many weird nails, i just showed it along with the valentines day…i find it a nice contrast…..:) and by next halloween, everyone will have that much more to choose from….i bet my halloween file is going to be gigantic by next year…LLOLOLOL…thank you so much for watching and yep…it was late which = no dryer..LOLOL!!! xoxo

  24. isabellee, on my front page in the “favorites” section…there are 5 videos.. they describe the paint, how to use it, and brushes, where to get them, what kind, how to keep them manageable, everything you need to know to get started, i hope this helps!

  25. Hey! You’re missing something….there is no dryer going in the background.

    This manicure would be so perfect for Halloween though, especially if you did other things like axes and knives on each nail.

  26. i just watched this movie :D

    i was just wondering, where did you buy that brush because i am having a really hard time finding a good quality brush.

    thank you

  27. thank you so much babybyrd!!! you watching means so much because if no one was watching it would a sad little channel! hahahahahah i am so so grateful you are watchin and hopefully learning and telling people and just having a blast with this, i know i am having fun making them, it is so hard not to bust out laughing because it just is so weird to do this on a camera! hahah :) xoxo