The Fabulous Account of Rochester’s Extraordinary Storyloom

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The Fabulous Account of Rochester’s Extraordinary Storyloom: A heartbreaking steampunk fairy tale in machine form, exhibited at The Story Museum in Oxford, England. Ted Dewan, Loomkeeper., Mechanical music from the University of Leipzig collection by Bach and Handel
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Based on Theo Jansen’s beach walkers. This is my first motorized creation, I gave it a steampunk look, hiding the engine and battery box. More pictures will be available in my flickr gallery:
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  1. this is a cool spider tank

  2. i live the steampunk stuff, this is TOTALY COOL!!! thumbs up all the way!

  3. make it shoot 22 blanks:D

  4. wild wild west!

  5. You, sir, build a Tachikoma prototype!

  6. can u do a vid on how to make 1 of these? please

  7. A bumpy run

  8. Will Smith! RUUUUUUUUUN!

  9. This does remind me heavily of Theo’s beasts. Well done!

  10. OMG

  11. Which lego block series are best for building steampunk stuff ???


  13. I don’t want to be the one who aims with the gun lol
    nice job.

  14. Awesome!!!

  15. I want one!