The Edwardian Ball 2012

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The Edwardian Ball, 2012, at the Regency Ballroom, San Francisco. Music by Rosin Coven Performers include the Vau de Vire Society, Jill Tracy, the Fossettes, Dark Garden, Flynn Creek Circus Live staging of The Iron Tonic by Edward Gorey by Vau de Vire and Rosin Coven.
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  1. For all those who are butt-hurt over the historical inaccuracies: Edwardian in this context refers to being in the style of Edward Gorey more than it does to the Edwardian Era in England.

  2. You like balls?

  3. I will so make it to one of these!

  4. Cabaret, Steampunk but NOT edwardian. at least not for gentlemans.

    Just because you wear a waistcoat doesn’t make you ‘edwardian’.

  5. Lol ;D

  6. *coughs* M’lady ;D lolol

  7. I should make my own dress to go to this. If only I could find a date >_>;;

  8. The new album is just finished, titled Sing Me Malaise.  I believe it was available in limited edition at the event, and will be fully released shortly.

  9. I want to go to this…

  10. I might have to show up at the one in 2013. I did not know it was just down the road from us (seattle).

  11. oh my, seeing this is absolutely making me wish I was there! :(

  12. All the pretties. Looks amazing, and muchly fun.

  13. This looks amazing! Now I really want some of these outfits.